HTML5 Animation Guides and Tips

We write tutorials, guides and tips about HTML5 interactive animations.

Resizing and Aligning Elements

In Saola Animate, you can arrange elements in various ways. Today’s tutorial shows you how to resize and align elements.

Customize HTML5 Preloaders (Loading Screen) in Saola Animate 3

The more resources you use in your project, the more time your page needs to load. As a result, an elegant animated preloader (also a loading screen) is what you need to brighten up the seconds of waiting. Today’s article will show how to customize HTML5 preloaders in Saola Animate 3.

Creating Sprite Sheet Animation

In this tutorial, we’ll talk about what sprite sheet animation is and how to create it in Saola Animate – a powerful yet simple HTML5 animation tool.

Animate Background in Saola Animate 3

It’s simple to create an animated background for a more realistic animation. It can be done by creating a motion path or changing background image properties.

Export Projects to Video Formats in Saola Animate 3

While HTML5 output gives you the ability to interact with the content, the video format is great for demonstration purposes since it doesn’t require user’s interactions. Today’s tutorial will show you how to export projects to video formats, which is a very new feature offered in Saola Animate 3.

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