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A product that allows me to take all of my Flash documents and rewrite them into HTML material.

Steve Reff
Economics Lecturer

It’s pretty intuitive once you dive in, and I’m blown away by all it can do. Pretty much anything is possible, which is really exciting.

Alistair Hamish
Cartoonist & Writer

I’ve been on the hunt for the holy grail, a decent HTML5 alternative for Windows. I love that you can put symbols inside symbols, an important feature in Flash.

Creative Cortex
Digital Media Agency

Hi, Saola Animate will help you build

Build smooth animation with auto keyframe & morph transitions

Create animated character with sprite sheets

Dynamize projects with interactivity features

Export to video & HTML5

No coding skill required

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Saola Animate

$47.440% Off$79

one-time pay

Auto keyframes

Morph transitions and easing methods

Sprite sheets

Flexible layout & responsive design

Javascripts and external scripts

Export to Video & HTML5

Frequently asked questions

Is it one-time payment?

Yes, the license is perpetual and the price is one-time cost. All updates in the same major version are always free.

Upgrading to the next major version is free within one year. Please check our Upgrade Policy for details.

Is volume discount still applied to Black Friday?

Yes, you can enjoy up to 35% bonus discounts for 50+ licenses. The more you buy, the higher discount you get. Visit our volume discount details to check the savings you can enjoy!

✓ Can I get a refund?

We apply full refunds for duplicated orders or incorrect products within 7 days of your order date. For details, please visit our Refund Policy.

Do you open support service? Is it free?

We support users for free on our talk community. This is a learning platform where users not only can find answers to others’ issues but also showcase their outputs.

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