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ActivePresenter Upgrade Policy

Updated: August 18, 2015.
This upgrade policy is applicable for end-users who own perpetual license(s) for ATOMI’s software products.

Perpetual License:

ATOMI licensing scheme grants you the right to use the version of the software that you purchased for an unlimited period of time as long as you have the installer and the product key.



  • An upgrade is when you reinstall the software using a newer version that has a higher first figure e.g. an upgrade from 4.x.x to 5.x.x.
  • All purchased licenses include one (1) year of free upgrades, starting from the date of purchase.
  • After one year of free upgrade, you may purchase an upgrade at a special upgrade price.
  • ATOMI always encourages all customers to stay current with the latest versions of our software so we may sometimes offer free upgrades to a certain major version for all customers. That should be publicly announced on the web site.
  • If you have a maintenance contract the upgrades are free of charge.



  • An update is when you reinstall the software using a newer version that has the same first figure e.g. an update from 5.0.0 to 5.5.0.
  • All updates are always provided for free of charge.

Important Notice: ATOMI reserves the right to change or update its Software Upgrade Policy without sending personal notifications to all the users but we guarantee that all the changes in its Software Upgrade Policy will be posted publicly on our web site and related locations.

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