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5 Best Quiz Makers for Teachers

Search “best quiz makers for teachers”, you will get hundreds of millions of search results. Too overwhelmed? Don’t worry, this article is all about picking the best quiz makers for you.

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5 Steps to Choose an eLearning LMS

We are living in the era of eLearning. And, the success of eLearning courses can be considered depending on LMS. So, how to choose an eLearning LMS that can benefit you the most? This blog will guide you. 

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Use Audio Noise Reduction in ActivePresenter 8

Let’s explore the Audio Noise Reduction feature in ActivePresenter 8 through this article. It can help to remove noise from an audio track and improve your audio quality.

Brain Training for Kids: 5 Best Tips in Parenting

Brain training, or cognitive training, is one of the top priorities in raising and educating children. If you are parents looking for useful tips to help your kids develop comprehensively, here are the 5 best tips for brain training.

Create New Blank Projects in ActivePresenter 8

A blank project contains blank slides where you can add contents such as images, video/audio clips, and slides from ActivePresenter projects or PowerPoint presentations, etc.

How to Create eLearning Courses with ActivePresenter

That eLearning has become more and more popular is a predicted outcome because of the development of Industry 4.0 and the effect of the COVID 19 pandemic. We all have witnessed changes in the way of teaching, training, and learning, not only in the education sector but also in the technology, science, and business sector. But how do you actually go about making these courses? In this blog, you will find how easy it is to create eLearning courses and track learners’ results with ActivePresenter.

How to Use Report Slide in ActivePresenter 8

Report Slide lets learners track and review all their interactions, for example, exam results like quizzes’ scores and, pass/fail conditions. At the end of the course, you can add a Report Slide if you want to summarize learner performance.

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