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Question Score and Report in ActivePresenter 7

In creating eLearning content, defining how to score and report learner results is one of the most important tasks, especially when tracking online learners needed. Not to mention a clear report can give learners a better view of what they should focus on and what they need to practice more to get a better result next times.
This article will cover how to define score and report of interactive questions (as well as interactive objects) in ActivePresenter 7.

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Exporting Projects to PDF, Word, Excel, and HTML SlideShow Documents

ActivePresenter makes many output formats available, namely image, video, HTML SlideShow, document, and HTML5. This article will show you how to export ActivePresenter projects to document formats (PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and HTML SlideShow). Exporting to PowerPoint presentation is presented here. Generally, you can use these exporting methods to save projects as PDF or other document types.

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Adding Custom Scripts

Using ActivePresenter, you don’t need to know JavaScript to design dynamic and advanced courses. But if you want to go beyond the long list of built-in actions, add custom scripts. This tutorial shows you how.

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Working with Active Window Feature

In recording screen, an Active Window is a top-level window in the recorded application that is active at a time. With the Active Window feature, ActivePresenter can automatically detect the area that you want to record and save it in the recorded slide.

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Slide Transition Effects and Timing

It’s not only about making project slides appear but making them show up beautifully and engagingly. That’s what transition effects and timing really helps because it allows you to define the effect and timing of entry of slides. Let’s me introduce you how to use this...

Create high quality software tutorial with rich style and eye-catching content in ActivePresenter

From version 3.0, ActivePresenter supports four fill styles for object’s background:No fill: TransparentSolid fill: Fill with solid colorGradient fill: Fill with gradient colorsImage fill: Fill with specified imageThis allows user creating more beautiful annotations...

Creating New Blank Projects

A blank project contains blank slides where you can add contents such as images, video/audio clips, and slides from ActivePresenter projects or PowerPoint presentations, etc.

Creating and Using Object Templates

Object templates are meant for reusing objects. This feature comes in handy when you have many project or courses which require consistency between them.

How to Blur Moving Objects in Videos

Have you ever created great videos having some private or sensitive information that is not supposed to be publicly shown? Have you ever had a video with a moving face, and because of some reasons, you want to cover it? If yes, don't miss this article since it will...
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