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We write tutorials, guides and tips about screencasting, video editing and rapid HTML5 elearning authoring.

How To Crop Video

In the process of making a screencast or training video, you will often find the need to crop video. That is because it’s has been proved that taking extra recordings and edit the recorded video later often helps us reducing the product time in making training videos...

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Why We Love Screencasts and You Should Too?

What Is Screencast and What is Screencasting? To begin with, screencasting is the act of recording computer screen with all images, sounds, and activities that happen along. And a screencast is a video that you will acquire after screencasting with a screen recorder....

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Little-Known Screencasting Tips for Beginners

There are so many screencasting tools available now like ActivePresenter. This can be viewed as a result of an increasing demand for recording screen coming from almost all fields. If you are a beginner in the world of screencasting and you desperately want to do...

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ActivePresenter – Guide for Beginners

Table of contents: Overview Get Ready Creating demonstration videos, video tutorials, and interactive software simulations Creating interactive eLearning contents Record with ActivePresenter Choose the Capture Area Select Audio Input Capture Frame Finish Recording...

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How to Record Screen in Windows 10

Is it easy to record screen in Windows 10? Many people think that it’s hard to record the screen on Windows 10. However, the truth is that there are some techniques to do that in the most low-effort way. Let’s discover them in this post.Before we begin, it’s...

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How to Create Quizzes

Questions and quizzes are critical elements that you should take advantages in designing eLearning courses to make them more effective and informative. They strongly enhance the interaction between the course contents and learners. In fact, creating a quiz in...
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Options for image when exporting ActivePresenter project

ActivePresenter supports two image formats, JPEG and PNG, when exporting to some types of output. Each of them has some options such as color depth, optimization level or quality. So, how to choose the right options? PNG is a bitmapped image format that employs...
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How to Export ActivePresenter Projects to Videos

ActivePresenter - The most powerful & popular video editing tool As you know, ActivePresenter has become an indispensable screencast tool for users around the world. Millions of free and paid users are working with it every day to create wonderful training videos,...
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How to Create Video Demonstrations

Why should you use video demonstration? Video demonstrations are ideal for showing exactly what your products/service look like and it is consider being the most effective way to convince your potential and existing customer to make buying decision. On the other hand,...
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How to Use Picture in Picture Feature

The Picture in Picture is also called images on top of images feature that helps when you want to overlay a small video on the top of the other one. It strongly supports especially in designing an eLearning course or a how-to simulation video, in which you want to...
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