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How to Calibrate Audio Input in ActivePresenter 8

In ActivePresenter, calibrating audio input helps detect the recording sensitivity level. This feature sets the audio recording devices to the appropriate level before recording. As a result, it reduces the possibility that the recorded sound is too high or too low which are both not qualified enough.

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How to Work with Grid Box in ActivePresenter 8

Like flex box, grid box is a grid container that can hold objects. However, a grid box is made for two-dimensional layouts, which means it can be laid out both horizontally and vertically. Besides, grid box is container-based where added content will automatically be customized to fit its container. Therefore, a grid box is the best for arranging items in both rows and columns.

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Flex Box – New Feature in ActivePresenter 8

If you are a web designer, you must have known the importance of flex box and grid box in creating responsive projects. These two web layout techniques are the most widely used for various layout tasks, and they each work best under different circumstances. This is also the reason why ActivePresenter adopts these functions for creating container layouts, especially in responsive projects. Therefore, in this tutorial, I am guiding you on when and how to use flex box with a practical example in detail.

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Record Audio from Microphone and System Audio

This article will show you how to record system audio and record microphone audio. They are two of the most important features that professional screencasting software like ActivePresenter must have. Thanks to that, you can record your narration and system audio (from the speaker) simultaneously or separately; it all depends on your need.  

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Creating a Project

A project is known as the first step of any eLearning course design process. In other words, if you want to insert slides, images, videos or add interactive objects, it is certain that you have to launch a project early. Let’s read this article to get a full detail of...

Changing Audio Volume

When creating an eLearning project, sometimes you want to insert an audio file to make it more interesting and engaging. For instance, when you voice your project over and insert the background music, you may want to decrease the background music while increase the...

Moodle LMS integration – Author SCORM-compliant courses with interactivity for rapid elearning

Authoring SCORM-compliant elearning courses with interactivity for Moodle LMS has never been more quickly, easily and conveniently with ActivePresenter. Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) is a de facto standard which is supported by almost well-known...

Working with Preset Background Styles

Learn about Preset Background Styles and use them to quickly change your slide background. Also, ActivePresenter 7 lets you make your own background styles.

Tips to Create an Amazing eLearning Course Content

Have you ever wondered why some eLearning courses are very popular? Why are some more engaging than others? In this article, I will show you a SMART tip, which helps to create an amazing content for your eLearning course and grab learners’ attention.

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