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We write tutorials, guides and tips about screencasting, video editing, rapid HTML5 elearning authoring and HTML5 animation creation.

Using Feedback Layers

Feedback Masters are now ready for use in ActivePresenter 7. With this feature, you can easily show and edit complex feedbacks. Let’s learn how to use Feedback Layers in today’s article.

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Working with Animated Timer

Animated Timer is known as a time-counter which you always need for quizzes and eLearning courses. ActivePresenter 7 offters you this amazing feature to create effective interactive content. We will learn how to work with it in this article.

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Saola Animate 2.5

This is an announcement of Saola Animate 2.5, which is a new updated version containing numerous new features and enhanced functionalities. Let’s have a look at what’s new. New Features 1. 3D transformation The elements in Saola Animate used to be...

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Inserting Equations

Equation is one of new handy functions that ActivePresenter 7 brings to you. With it, you can insert common mathematical equations or build up your own equations by using a gallery of math symbols. Let’s see how to work with this function in today’s tutorial.

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Publishing Video to YouTube

A new version of ActivePresenter represents to you a new type of output. Publish Video To YouTube is a useful tool to export your project to a video and upload it to YouTube easily and quickly, even in ActivePresenter. This tutorial provides information about steps to do it

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Using Symbols to Reuse Animations

Animation symbol is a powerful resource you often use when creating animations. It allows you to easily reuse elements, timelines, animations, etc. This tutorial describes the steps to create and use animation symbols in Saola Animate.

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Advanced Video Editing: Cut, Copy, Delete or Crop Range

About ActivePresenter - Best Video Editor for Screencast & eLearning purposes Millions of users are using ActivePresenter every day to make amazing screencast videos and create interactive eLearning lessons with great pleasure. Our users include teachers,...

Using Variables 01: Control the Next Button

How to control the Next button is a forever question for almost all eLearning designers. This question can be resolved by a number of options, of which using true/false variables is a good practice. Let’s find out how!

How to Insert a Spotlight

In creating a project or expressing a presentation, a spotlight is used for highlighting information and drawing the audience’s attention to a specified part of the screen. Saying, a spotlight object retains the original brightness within the spotlight shape and...

Adding and Using Variables in eLearning

Variables are a great way to store and retrieve dynamic information. They are also useful in creating conditional actions to make your course more interactive and personalized. In this article, you’ll learn how to add variables and work with them in eLearning courses.

Choosing options when export video

ActivePresenter has numerous options when export to video (AVI, FLV...). This is very flexible but may also make us chaotic to decide which option needs to change to produce desired output. This article will guide you how to balance between the output file size and...
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