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We write tutorials, guides and tips about screencasting, video editing, rapid HTML5 elearning authoring and HTML5 animation creation.

Mobile Learning is a Revolution in Education

Thanks to innovative technology, education on the go has never been more accessible for learners all around the world. So, mobile learning is a popular new trend today. Now, let’s take a closer look at mobile learning in this post. You will find yourself the reason why mobile learning revolutionizes education.
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eLearning Authoring Tools: Key Elements Checklist for Beginners

Obviously, an engaging and interactive eLearning content doesn’t just magically appear. Along with the talents of designers, a support tool is also the key in creating an engaging eLearning course. That's why eLearning authoring tools come in. Here are essential elements to consider for beginners when choosing eLearning authoring tools.
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Why You Should Turn Blog Posts into Videos

To get and keep customers’ attention, you should turn blog posts into video, and ActivePresenter is all you need to do that. Let me explain them to you in this article.

Video Trends 2019 and Video Statistics to Hit the Record Button

Accounting for 82% of the whole Internet traffic, video will become the most popular content consumed globally by 2022. However, if you are not convinced of this figure, why don’t you look at the following video statistics and video trends 2019?

Ordering and Aligning Objects

In ActivePresenter, each slide may have numerous objects, such as shapes, text captions, images, videos. You can arrange the objects in many ways to create precise and professional-looking slides. Today’s tutorial shows you how to order and align objects.

Creating eLearning Games 05: Vegetable Names

Learn how to create a drag-and-drop eLearning game called Vegetable with ActivePresenter 7. This can be done using the Drop Area feature.

How to Write an Equation Effectively in an eLearning Course

Equation feature makes ActivePresenter more outstanding than so many eLearning authoring tools in the market. This highlight feature helps you to work perfectly with mathematical formulas, even the most difficult one.

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