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training video for employees

6 Ways to Make Amazing Training Videos for Your Employees

On-job corporate training is an inevitable phase after recruiting. Fresh employees often spend a few months getting accustomed to the company’s working process before being fully equipped to move on with their jobs. In the digital age, corporate eLearning becomes a big trend as companies are trying to make use of the videos to minimize […]

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Techniques for recording audio

Unmissable Techniques in Recording Audio for Your Screencast

Most screencasts can’t go without sound. However, adding voice-over more often than not presents a tough challenge to narrators. Here are some best tips to help you record the highest quality audio for your screencast. 1. Select the right screen recorder Never overlook the audio function of your recording tool. It may depend, nonetheless, on […]

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interactions in eLearning courses

The Most Common Types of Interactions You Could Use In Your Courses

Interactions in eLearning have been deemed as a right-hand in boosting the cognitive benefits of learners.  Utilizing interactions in eLearning means provoking learners’ action onto the screen by means of mouse-click, mouse drag, mouse hovering or text typing. If you are a lecturer at a loss at how to engage learners, this article will introduce […]

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FAQS before screencasting

8 Most FAQs Before Creating a Screencast

Before sitting down and creating a screencast, chances are you will be bombarded with endless questions of what software to use, where to record and so on. Here are some of the most frequent questions asked and answered to kick-start yourself.     1. Which software is the best to use? There is a wide […]

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Tips to create screencasts like a pro

7 Tips to Create a Screencast Like a Pro

Creating a screencast like a maven ain’t easy. For many beginners, efforts to make an ideal screencast more often than not end up in frustration and confusion. Here are some handy tips that would probably help you out. 1. Hide your stuff You may have seen so many full-screen screencasts with tons of uncorrelated icon […]

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