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A Guide to Use Closed Captions Effectively

Closed Caption is one of the most striking features in ActivePresenter. This function comes in handy when you edit videos (both recorded videos and videos imported from your file system) and design interactive eLearning contents. Closed captions benefit everyone including those who watch videos on social media platforms like YouTube and those who learn online courses.
In this article, I will provide some useful information about closed captions and how to work with the Closed Caption feature in ActivePresenter.

Working with Check Boxes and Radio Buttons

Ready-made check boxes and radio buttons are available in ActivePresenter 7. They are of use to add interactivity to your eLearning courses. Keep reading as you will find essential details about these interaction objects.

Working with Active Window Feature

In recording screen, an Active Window is a top-level window in the recorded application that is active at a time. With the Active Window feature, ActivePresenter can automatically detect the area that you want to record and save it in the recorded slide.

Creating Basic Interactive Flashcards with ActivePresenter

Learn how to create basic interactive flashcards – an eLearning aid helps learners better rememember the notions, equations, or new information.

Using Timeline Triggers to Loop Animation

Looping animation repeats itself as soon as it completes. In Saola Animate, you can easily loop animation using timeline triggers.

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