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Using Audio Fade In/Fade Out

ActivePresenter 7 supports more audio effects such as Audio Fade and Audio Noise Reduction. They let you improve your audio quality in general and recording quality in particular. In the scope of this tutorial, we will learn how to use the Audio Fade feature. Audio Noise Reduction will be saved for another article.

How to record system sound from your computer

This article is out of date. Visit our latest article about: Recording audio from microphone and system audio Recording voice narration is very popular while making a screen-cast with ActivePresenter or any other screencasting tools. But there is also another...

Using Color Theory to Color an eLearning Course with ActivePresenter

Color is important in eLearning. Today, we will walk through the color theory and find out some ways to color an eLearning course with ActivePresenter.

How to Insert and Remove Closed Caption

Watching a video but couldn’t hear the voice because you are in the noisy environment or noise restricted area? Closed Caption is here to help! With Closed Caption feature in ActivePresenter, your video could be understandable by anyone with hearing problems. Let’s...

Use Slide Masters in ActivePresenter 7

Using Slide Masters is a quick way to make universal changes for all slides in your project. Read on to learn more about this feature in ActivePresenter 7.

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