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What are Pros and Cons of Online Exams?

What are Pros and Cons of Online Exams?

It’s a breakthrough when it comes to teaching, learning, and taking exams online. However, many people are still wondering whether to choose online tests or not. If so, let’s explore the pros and cons of online exams in today’s blog.

Best Free Screen Recorder with Facecam: Top 7 for 2022

Best Free Screen Recorder with Facecam: Top 7 for 2022

Wanted to have your face and voice in your screen recordings? If so, this will not be a problem using a screen recorder with facecam. If you are looking for a powerful one, the following checklist of the 7 best free webcam recorder software is worth your consideration.

How to Use Text Variables in ActivePresenter 8

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use text variables to capture learners’ names and display those names throughout the course. It’s a great way to make the training more personal and boost learners’ engagement.

Top 5 Free eLearning Resources for K-12 Teachers

eLearning is a wonderful experience for everybody, especially for K-12 educators. Let’s explore how free eLearning resources can enlighten us. 

How to Review a Course in ActivePresenter 8

After finishing a course, learners may want to know their results or revisit what they have done to see which answers are right or wrong, the correct values and the overall result of each interaction and slide. Fortunately, ActivePresenter 8 allows you to set up a Review Course function within several steps.

How to Insert and Style a Shape

Easy to insert and style shapes. Besides, you’re given five groups of ready-made shapes: basic shapes, callouts, lines and arrows, block arrows, and stars.

How to Give Written Feedback to Students Effectively

Effective written feedback is one of the vital components of a successful learner-centered eLearning course. The truth is that feedback offered properly will make learners feel motivated and inspired, thereby enhancing the learning process. So, how do you give written feedback in eLearning courses effectively? Let’s find out the answer to this question in today’s blog post.