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Get More Text-to-Speech Voices from the Third Parties in ActivePresenter 8.1

Apart from SAPI5-compatible voices installed on your computer, the latest version of ActivePresenter now gives you a chance to get more text-to-speech voices from the third parties, including Amazon Polly, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. You will be able to access external cloud voices from different voice providers to create your own audio track. Keep reading today’s tutorial to learn how.

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Publish Your Course to LMS with ActivePresenter 8.1

Many ActivePresenter users have been asking questions like “How will my students access the products I create with presenter pro 8?” or “I have created a project and exported it in HTML5. I need to share this so that my students can access it.” These concerns are now addressed with Publish to LMS, a new feature in ActivePresenter version 8.1. It allows you to publish your HTML5 content directly to an LMS and share it with others easily. Let’s learn how to use this feature in today’s tutorial.

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ActivePresenter 8.1 Released

It has been 5 months since ActivePresenter 8 was released. During this time, we have received a lot of positive and constructive feedback from the ActivePresenter user community. Based on the feedback, today, we’re so glad to announce that a new update version of ActivePresenter 8.1 is now available.

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Work with Events – Actions in ActivePresenter 8

Working with Events – Actions is an important skill that you need to possess if you want to create highly interactive courses, quizzes, or games in ActivePresenter. Utilizing this powerful feature, you can make objects interactive in the way you want.

Choosing and Animating Color

Saola Animate allows you to discover beautiful colors and harmonies with the color picker. It is also possible to create color animation.

How to Boost Your Business with Screencasting?

How does screencasting play important role in your business? In recent years, the world has experienced a rapid rise of mobile technology, leading to a spectacular growth in video consumption. If you are running a business, using videos may become a must in your...

How to Start and Stop Recording in ActivePresenter 8

Learn how to start and stop recording in ActivePresenter 8. The app supports hotkeys so it’s easy to stop recording without opening any menu or window.

Record Video Demonstrations with ActivePresenter 8

Learn more about basic steps to record video demonstrations with ActivePresenter 8 in this tutorial today.

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