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We write tutorials, guides and tips about screencasting, video editing, rapid HTML5 elearning authoring and HTML5 animation creation.

Preview Projects in Saola Animate 3

When building projects in Saola Animate 3, you can always preview how your animations and interactive content look and function when they are live. Moreover, previewing is crucial because it helps notice any required change, especially when your document has a great deal of interactivity. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to preview projects in Saola Animate 3.

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Create Morph Animations in Saola Animate 3

Morph Animations can be considered as a highlight in Saola Animate 3.0. This feature allows animating from one shape or freeform’s form to another through a seamless transition without coding skills required. Besides, it is possible to copy SVG paths from other vector graphic editors and paste them into the app as freeforms for further editing.

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Use Auto-Keyframes in Saola Animate 3

Keyframes are the bread and butter in creating HTML5 animations. In the previous tutorials, you have learned how to add keyframes; adjust, move, copy, and remove keyframes. In this tutorial, let’s dive deep into how to use Auto-Keyframe – an automatic keyframing feature that allows you to generate keyframes in a flash.

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Characteristics of a Good Question in eLearning

When it comes to eLearning course design, a good question can help educators not only attract learner’s attention but also measure learner’s understanding after enrolling in a course. In this article, you will learn about five important characteristics of a good question to create a highly-effective test or quiz for your eLearning courses.

Publishing Video to YouTube

A new version of ActivePresenter represents to you a new type of output. Publish Video To YouTube is a useful tool to export your project to a video and upload it to YouTube easily and quickly, even in ActivePresenter. This tutorial provides information about steps to do it

Creating and Calling JavaScript Functions

While you can do the most common interactivity without coding, you need to code to do advanced interactivity. This tutorial will show you how to create and call JavaScript functions in Saola Animate.

Previewing HTML5 Animation

Animating in Saola Animate, you can always preview how your animation looks and functions when it’s live. In this tutorial, you’ll learn to preview animation.

Localizing Projects in ActivePresenter 7

Localization is the process of adapting a project for use in a specific country, a region with a particular language, culture, and desired local look and feel. If you are creating demonstrations or simulations of a certain application that supports multiple languages, you may need to localize projects for each language. With ActivePresenter, you can do it easily thanks to the slide background replacement and the text translation features.

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