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How to Make Tutorial Videos with ActivePresenter

Apart from reading materials or listening to in-class lessons, watching tutorial videos is one of the most effective methods of learning something new. The reason is that videos provide both information and vibrant visual images, which help students retain information more effectively. Do you wonder how to create a tutorial video? This blog will show you how. 

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Animated GIFs for eLearning: Why and How

As a simple and lightweight resource, animated GIFs have found a place in eLearning indeed. In today’s blog post, let’s take a deep dive into what animated GIFs for eLearning are. Also, learn how you use them effectively. 

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Top 5 Websites to Download Free Sound Effects

Finding a site where you can download all the free sound effects you need can be challenging. That’s because a site may have sound effects in one category but not in others. Therefore, you may need more than one site on your list to cover all the categories. With that understanding, this blog will present well-known sites to download free sound effects of all kinds, so you can find ones that fit your needs.

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Use Green Screen Effect in ActivePresenter 8

ActivePresenter 8 – a professional screencasting tool and video editor has a lot of powerful features that makes it stand out in the crowd. One of which is Green Screen Effect for videos. It’s the feature that both video editing newbies and experts need.

Professional Screencast Software – Top 7 Must-Have Features

All screencast software are great in their own ways. But, the truth is that the best ones always have prominently common features.

The days of very basic screencast software are gone forever, challenged by professional tools with smart screen capturing technology like ActivePresenter. So how does a professional screencast software look like?

In this article, we will go through a list of features that a professional screencast software must have. And with this in mind, you can choose the best one for you or develop your desired app that satisfies your prospects.

Customizing Tabbed Toolbar

If you want to customize tabbed toolbar in your own way and improve the editing experiences, then come to take a look at this article which shows you step by step how to do that. It not only lets you re-organize the tabbed toolbar but also lets you add your new tabs...

Add Company Logos to Training Content

In ActivePresenter, it’s easy to add company logos to your training content to build visual identity. This tutorial shows you how.

Working with Theme Colors

Working with Theme Colors in ActivePresenter 7 is so easy. This tutorial gives you simple steps to apply, edit and create Theme Colors in minutes.

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