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Homeschooling Advantages and Disadvantages

Homeschooling is a type of education in which parents take all responsibilities to educate their children instead of a regular school. Let’s explore homeschooling advantages and disadvantages to see if parents should apply to their kids.

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The Art of Using Fonts in eLearning Design

Great fonts (also known as typography) in eLearning design can make your course content alive, thus boosting learning results. Having these in mind, here is a list of 6 easy-peasy rules that you can check when working with fonts.

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9 Common Mistakes Can Ruin Survey Results

A survey is a popular tool to collect information, opinions, and feedback from respondents. A qualitative survey can benefit so much, but a bad one can destroy the data. Thus, this blog will reveal to you 9 common mistakes that can ruin survey results.

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Edit Freeforms in Saola Animate 3

In the previous tutorial, you have learned how to draw vector graphics using seven freeform tools in Saola Animate 3.0. As you can see, the drawings in that tutorial are not perfect. We need to make some further edits to make them complete and look as desired. In detail, we will learn how to work with anchor points, control points, and paths in this article. 

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Localizing Projects in ActivePresenter 7

Localization is the process of adapting a project for use in a specific country, a region with a particular language, culture, and desired local look and feel. If you are creating demonstrations or simulations of a certain application that supports multiple languages, you may need to localize projects for each language. With ActivePresenter, you can do it easily thanks to the slide background replacement and the text translation features.

How to Boost Students’ Emotional Intelligence in eLearning

It is said that the higher emotional intelligence you have, the more successful you get. So, is there any way to boost students’ emotional intelligence in eLearning? Let’s find out the answers through today’s article.

How to Add Slide Transitions in ActivePresenter 8

ActivePresenter 8 offers a wide range of transition effects to indicate the end of one slide and the beginning of another. You can also control the style and speed of transition effects in one or many slides. Using this feature will make your projects look more appealing and engage viewers better. Let’s see how simple these techniques are in today’s tutorial!

How to Change Mouse Cursor in Captured Videos

Sometimes, after recording a beautiful video with a screen recorder software, you may want to change its mouse cursor in terms of highlight, click sound and effects to make it more impressive. Through this article, we will dive into how to do that with...

How to Work with Theme Colors in ActivePresenter 8

Using Theme Colors is a good way to change the look and feel of your courses quickly. So, let’s learn how to work with Theme Colors in ActivePresenter.

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