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How to Localize Projects in ActivePresenter 8

Localization is the process of adapting a project for use in a specific country, a region with a particular language, culture, and desired local look and feel. If you are creating demonstrations or simulations of a certain application that supports multiple languages, you may need to localize projects for each language. With ActivePresenter, you can do it easily thanks to the slide background replacement and the text translation feature.

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How to Insert and Manage Objects in Responsive Projects

Insert objects are a common task in every project whether it is a responsive or non-responsive one. However, managing them in a responsive project is quite a challenging task and different from a non-responsive project. This tutorial will explain in detail how to insert and manage objects in responsive projects.

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How to Use Snapping Modes in ActivePresenter 8

Snapping modes help you easily align objects whether they are on the canvas or in the Timeline. There are four snapping modes in ActivePresenter 8 including Canvas Snapping, Timeline Snapping, Cursor Snapping and Container Snapping. Let’s learn about them in today’s tutorial.

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How to Work with Grid Box in ActivePresenter 8

Like flex box, grid box is a grid container that can hold objects. However, a grid box is made for two-dimensional layouts, which means it can be laid out both horizontally and vertically. Besides, grid box is container-based where added content will automatically be customized to fit its container. Therefore, a grid box is the best for arranging items in both rows and columns.

How to Create Fill in Blanks Questions in ActivePresenter 8

Fill in Blanks questions allow learners to fill in multiple blanks in a paragraph. This new question type comes in handy when you have a paragraph and you want to convert a word or a phrase in that paragraph into blanks.

Style Multiple Objects in ActivePresenter 8

When your project has many objects of the same type, you may want them to have the same animation effects or formatting style. ActivePresenter allows you to style multiple objects in a flash.

Setting Up Global Preferences and Project Settings

In the previous tutorials, you learnt how to customize tabbed toolbar and hotkeys which are applied to all the slides in your projects. Today, I will continue introducing you to general preferences and project settings with more different customization options. Check...

Unmissable Techniques in Recording Audio for Your Screencast

Most screencasts can’t go without sound. However, adding voice-over more often than not presents a tough challenge to narrators. Here are some best tips to help you record the highest quality audio for your screencast. 1. Select the right screen recorder Never...
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