Tutorials & Tips about Rapid eLearning Authoring

We write tutorials, guides and tips about rapid interactive HTML5 elearning authoring.

Homeschooling Advantages and Disadvantages

Homeschooling is a type of education in which parents take all responsibilities to educate their children instead of a regular school. Let’s explore homeschooling advantages and disadvantages to see if parents should apply to their kids.

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The Art of Using Fonts in eLearning Design

Great fonts (also known as typography) in eLearning design can make your course content alive, thus boosting learning results. Having these in mind, here is a list of 6 easy-peasy rules that you can check when working with fonts.

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9 Common Mistakes Can Ruin Survey Results

A survey is a popular tool to collect information, opinions, and feedback from respondents. A qualitative survey can benefit so much, but a bad one can destroy the data. Thus, this blog will reveal to you 9 common mistakes that can ruin survey results.

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Top Free Stock Video Sites for Video Editing & eLearning Design

Let’s bookmark 5 free stock video sites where you can find great footage for video editing and eLearning design through this article.

6 Tips for Writing Great eLearning Quiz Questions

You understand that quizzes are a key player in eLearning. But do you know how to write great quiz questions that are both effective and engaging? Check out these guidelines and draw up your questions.

Top Free Stock Image Sites for Video Editing & eLearning Design

Discover best free stock image sites for editing videos and designing eLearning contents. Some of them are almost free to use with high-quality images.

Create Training Videos with Screen Recording

A training video is a video-based content to transfer instructional information to beginners. In this blog, you will explore the definition, benefits, and how to create training videos with screen recording.

Creating eLearning Games 01: Seven Wonders of the World

The eLearning game 7 Wonders of the World is created with ActivePresenter 7 – an all-in-one screen recorder, video editor & eLearning authoring tool. In this article, we’ll go through all the necessary steps to create it.

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