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How to Create Vocabulary Games with ActivePresenter 8

It can be said that vocabulary is the fundamental element of all languages and helps develop other language skills. Using vocabulary games not only helps students to better retain new words but also allows them to practice vocabulary in a fun way. So, do you wonder how vocabulary games are created? This blog will walk you through steps to make a simple vocabulary game with ActivePresenter. 

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Create Shapes Matching Game in ActivePresenter 8

Shapes Matching Game is a fun, educational activity for early learners. Finding and matching shapes help kids reinforce their shape recognition skills.  In the previous post, you learned how to create a Shape Patterns Game in ActivePresenter 8. The game asks...

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Homeschooling Advantages and Disadvantages

Homeschooling is a type of education in which parents take all responsibilities to educate their children instead of a regular school. Let’s explore homeschooling advantages and disadvantages to see if parents should apply to their kids.

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The Art of Using Fonts in eLearning Design

Great fonts (also known as typography) in eLearning design can make your course content alive, thus boosting learning results. Having these in mind, here is a list of 6 easy-peasy rules that you can check when working with fonts.

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Dialogue Simulations: How to Create with ActivePresenter

Dialogue simulation is one of the interactive simulation types that we often see in the eLearning industry. It helps employees who work as a salesperson, consultant, or any job that involves communicating to get used to interacting with clients. In each dialogue, learners are required to handle real-time challenges such as convincing customers to buy a product or calming down an angry client. With ActivePresenter, we can easily create dialogue simulations thanks to its powerful features, namely events – actions, text-to-speech, and animations. Let’s learn how to make them in today’s blog.

How to Create Interactive Video Quizzes in ActivePresenter 8

In this today blog post, you will get to know how to insert a video clip, embed different types of interactive questions at any point in the video. Thanks to that, when learners watch the video, the questions will appear at the predefined points and the video will be paused to wait for them to respond to.

10 Fantastic Free Background Music Sites for Video Editing

Choosing the right tune spices up your video far more engaging and conveys the intended message to the viewers, and vice versa. So,

5 Tips to Write Assessments Effectively

This blog introduces you to 5 tips to write assessments effectively which are defining the number of questions, creating qualitative question content, writing short questions, using simple language and using images as answers.

How to Use Annotation Objects for Videos in ActivePresenter

Annotation objects are useful tools in ActivePresenter. Using them is a good strategy to create great videos which increase your audience engagement and retention.  

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