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Use Flexible Layout in Saola Animate 3

Use Flexible Layout in Saola Animate 3

In the previous article, you got useful information about the basics of responsive layouts. Today’s post will give you a closer look at the Flexible layout. This layout uses relative units and different types of positioning to adapt the document content to the browser window size. Let’s learn how to use Flexible layout in Saola Animate 3 now!

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Use 3D Transformation Tools in Saola Animate 3

Use 3D Transformation Tools in Saola Animate 3

When it comes to 3D transformation in Saola Animate, there are two things that you need to be aware of here. They are 3D properties and 3D tools. The 3D properties help you precisely manipulate elements in 3D space, while the 3D tools offer the intuitive 3D view that allows you to quickly and visually adjust elements’ directions on the Canvas. In this tutorial, we will get to know how to use 3D transformation tools in Saola Animate 3.

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Best Animation Software for Beginners in 2021 (Free and Paid)

Best Animation Software for Beginners in 2021 (Free and Paid)

Nowadays, the rapid development of technology has made animations available to the masses. As a result, there is a diverse range of animation software for beginners, intermediate or advanced animators in the market. As a beginner with basic design skills, you need to find suitable animation software to start your journey. Let’s take a look at the best animation software for beginners in 2021 – Free and Paid that you can consider using.

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Use Google Fonts in Saola Animate 3

Besides Web safe fonts and System fonts, Google fonts provides you with hundreds of beautiful fonts and are supposed to bring great advantages.

Add Text Elements in Saola Animate 3

Take a look to learn how to create animated texts with easily customizable font, size, color, spacing and more when creating HTML5 documents.

Create New Projects with Saola Animate 3

Let’s start creating a new projects with Saola Animate 3 to enjoy creating HTML5 animation, interactive content for web, digital publishing, and more.

5 Ways Web Animations Actually Improve Your User Experience Design

Check out 5 best web animation-concerned practices in user experience design that helps increase a website’s brand reputation, customer loyalty, and sales.

Previewing HTML5 Animation

Animating in Saola Animate, you can always preview how your animation looks and functions when it’s live. In this tutorial, you’ll learn to preview animation.

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