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Edit Freeforms in Saola Animate 3

Edit Freeforms in Saola Animate 3

In the previous tutorial, you have learned how to draw vector graphics using seven freeform tools in Saola Animate 3.0. As you can see, the drawings in that tutorial are not perfect. We need to make some further edits to make them complete and look as desired. In detail, we will learn how to work with anchor points, control points, and paths in this article. 

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Benefits Animation Brings to E-courses (With Examples)

Benefits Animation Brings to E-courses (With Examples)

Ease of access is one of the online training advantages. This method allows learners to study anytime and anywhere. However, this benefit also comes with a disadvantage. That is, it is easy to become distracted during an online learning session. How can course creators keep learners focused and maintain their motivation during an e-course? Fortunately, animation in eLearning can help resolve this issue.

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Use Flexible Layout in Saola Animate 3

Use Flexible Layout in Saola Animate 3

In the previous article, you got useful information about the basics of responsive layouts. Today’s post will give you a closer look at the Flexible layout. This layout uses relative units and different types of positioning to adapt the document content to the browser window size. Let’s learn how to use Flexible layout in Saola Animate 3 now!

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Adjust, Move, Copy, and Remove Keyframes

Animation keyframes play an important role in creating HTML5 animation in Saola Animate. In the previous tutorial, you’ve learned 3 ways to add animation keyframes. This tutorial will show you how to adjust, move, copy, and remove animation keyframes.

Create Motion Paths in Saola Animate 3

Saola Animate 3 brings your website to life with HTML5 animations and interactive web content. Today’s tutorial describes how to create motion paths to mimic real-life motions, giving objects the illusion of life.

Become Familiar with Saola Animate 3.0 Workspace

New to animation creation? Saola Animate is easy to learn if you know where to start. In this guide, let’s take a quick look at the Saola Animate Workspace.

Exporting Saola Animate Animation to HTML5

Once your animation is complete, you’ll want to export it for final delivery. This tutorial presents how to export animation to HTML5 in Saola Animate.

Creating New Projects

Saola Animate makes it easy to create HTML5 animation for different screen sizes. When working with the application, the first thing to do is creating a new project. Then, you’ll import content, create animations, add interactivity, and finally export the project to HTML5. In this tutorial, you’ll learn the first step: creating a new project.

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