HTML5 Animation Guides and Tips

We write tutorials, guides and tips about HTML5 interactive animations.

Creating Animated Background

In Saola Animate, there are several ways for you to animate the background while keeping other elements fixed at their position. Let’s find out in this tutorial.

Creating Hover Effect

Creating hover effect is a simple way to add a subtle level of interaction to your website. Let’s learn more about it with Saola Animate!

Using Motion Paths in Animations

Saola Animate brings your website to life with HTML5 animation and interactive web content. Today’s tutorial describes how to create motion paths to mimic real-life motions, giving objects the illusion of life.

Building HTML5 Animation with Responsive Layout

Saola Animate offers more than one approach to design for multiple screen sizes. Out of which, responsive layout is the best solution to the optimal viewing experience. Using responsive layout, you create multiple different layouts for a single document, thus letting it function well at any possible screen size.

Creating Animation Keyframes Easily with Saola Animate

As a keyframe-based animation tool, Saola Animate lets you create animation keyframes effortlessly. Keep reading to know how.

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