HTML5 Animation Guides and Tips

We write tutorials, guides and tips about HTML5 interactive animations.

Customizing the Workspace

This tutorial shows you how to customize the workspace to keep only the tools and panes you need the way you want. It also presents the way to create custom keyboard shortcuts.

Using Flexible Layout

Flexible layout uses relative units and different types of positioning to adapt the document content to the browser window size. This tutorial shows you how to use flexible layout to relatively position and resize elements.

Create Interactive HTML5 Content with Event Actions

Saola Animate provides great support for creating rich and interactive HTML5 content. Easy interface and numerous built-in actions keep interactive HTML5 content at your fingertips. You can get things done with no single line of code.

Using Timeline Triggers

Besides event actions, timeline triggers are a simple way to add interactivity to your Saola Animate document. In this tutorial, you’ll learn to use timeline triggers to control how the animation plays.

Embedding HTML5 Project Into Webpage

This tutorial is more than about creating things in Saola Animate. It is about the ways to embed Saola Animate HTML5 project into any web page. Learn more!

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