HTML5 Animation Guides and Tips

We write tutorials, guides and tips about HTML5 interactive animations.

Creating New Projects

Saola Animate makes it easy to create HTML5 animation for different screen sizes. When working with the application, the first thing to do is create a new project. Then, you’ll import content, create animation, add interactivity, and finally export the project to HTML5. In this tutorial, you’ll learn the first step: creating a new project.

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Adding Videos to HTML5 Animation

Using the HTML5 video element, adding videos to your page is as simple as adding images with no third-party plug-ins or player applications. Today’s tutorial will show you how to add video to HTML5 animation.

Adding Images to HTML5 Animation

Images are essential to compelling HTML5 animation. Today’s tutorial shows the ways to add images to HTML5 animation in Saola Animate.

Previewing and Exporting HTML5 Animation in Saola Animate

Saola Animate lets you create interactive HTML5 animation easily with handy and advanced features. Let’s check out this brief tutorial to see how to preview and export HTML5 in Saola Animate.

Create Interactive HTML5 Content with Events and Actions

Want to create interactive HTML5 content that responds to user inputs? Have no idea about coding? Know how to code but want something that quicker and easier? Saola Animate is here to help.

Using Google Fonts

Hundreds of beautiful Google fonts are now available to you in Saola Animate. This tutorial shows you how to use Google fonts in your document.

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