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We write tutorials, guides and tips about HTML5 interactive animations.

Add Images to HTML5 Animation with Saola Animate

Images are essential to compelling HTML5 animation. Today’s tutorial shows the ways to add images to HTML5 animation with Saola Animate. Also, it describes the techniques for working with the background image within an image element. Specifically, you will grasp how to replace the background image and use it to create animation.

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Introducing Saola Animate User Interface

Saola Animate offers a user-friendly interface that keeps things simple and consistent. So, you will find it easy to build HTML5 animation with the tool. Let’s spend some time learning the Saola Animate user interface through this tutorial.

Keyframe Animation Using Auto Keyframe Mode

In Saola Animate, keyframes play a key role in building HTML5 animation. This article explains the Auto Keyframe mode – an automatic keyframing feature allowing generating keyframes in a flash.

Level Up Your HTML5 Animation with CSS Easing Functions

So far, you’ve been guided through the steps to create HTML5 animation in Saola Animate. In this tutorial, we’re going to learn about customizing CSS easing functions (also known as CSS animation timing functions, or simply timing functions). With the right easing, you will take your HTML5 animation to the next level, for sure.

Animation Using Motion Paths in Saola Animate

Today’s tutorial describes how to create motion paths in Saola Animate. Motion paths allow animating objects along complex curves to mimic real-life motion, giving objects the illusion of life.

Previewing and Exporting HTML5 Animation in Saola Animate

Saola Animate lets you create interactive HTML5 animation easily with handy and advanced features. Let’s check out this brief tutorial to see how to preview and export HTML5 in Saola Animate.

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