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We write tutorials, guides and tips about screencasting, video editing, rapid HTML5 elearning authoring and HTML5 animation creation.

5 Steps to Choose an eLearning LMS

We are living in the era of eLearning. And, the success of eLearning courses can be considered depending on LMS. So, how to choose an eLearning LMS that can benefit you the most? This blog will guide you. 

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How to Make Tutorial Videos with ActivePresenter

Apart from reading materials or listening to in-class lessons, watching tutorial videos is one of the most effective methods of learning something new. The reason is that videos provide both information and vibrant visual images, which help students retain information more effectively. Do you wonder how to create a tutorial video? This blog will show you how. 

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Animated GIFs for eLearning: Why and How

As a simple and lightweight resource, animated GIFs have found a place in eLearning indeed. In today’s blog post, let’s take a deep dive into what animated GIFs for eLearning are. Also, learn how you use them effectively. 

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Create Picture-in-Picture Effect – Video Overlay in ActivePresenter 8

The picture-in-picture effect (also called video overlay) lets you place a video clip in a small frame on top of another so that they play at the same time. You often see this effect in instructional videos where webcam videos are placed at the corner of the tutorial ones. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create the picture-in-picture effect in ActivePresenter 8.

Add Shape Elements in Saola Animate 3

Basically, shape elements are two-dimensional blocks surrounded by an outline. You can make use of shapes to create engaging HTML5 animations and interactive content. Once you become skillful in shapes, you can do so much more. So, let’s explore how to insert shapes in Saola Animate 3 through today’s tutorial.

Draw and Edit Freeform Shapes in ActivePresenter 8

ActivePresenter provides dozens of ready-made shapes such as rectangles, ovals, callouts, arrows, and stars. At the same time, it allows you to create your own shape from scratch. The software comes with four line drawing tools: Line, Curve, Freeform Shape, and Freeform Scribble. Let’s learn how to draw freeform shapes with these tools.

5 Useful Tips to Choose the Right Learning Management System (LMS)

Knowing good tips to choose a right learning management system (LMS) can help you a lot. Keep reading to find out some of them.

Creating eLearning Games 02: Millionaire Quiz

This today’s topic is around eLearning games. You’ll learn the design and development of the ActivePresenter Millionaire Quiz. Keep reading and create your very own version of the famous game show Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

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