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Blended Learning and How it Redefines Teachers’ Roles

Blended Learning and How it Redefines Teachers’ Roles

“Blended learning, “hybrid learning”, “mixed learning, “technology-mediated instruction”, “integrative learning”, or “flipped classroom” – whatever one chooses to call it, the combination of offline and online learning in a way that one complimenting the other is a big learning trend that is going to grow.

Embedding System Fonts

Saola Animate makes system fonts available to use. Read to know how to embed system fonts in Saola Animate to maintain consistent text appearance no matter the font installation on viewers’ computer.

Essential Elements of an Effective eLearning Course

Essential Elements of an Effective eLearning Course

Every eLearning course has its own content as well as design methodology. However, such courses have one thing in common: using some of the most essential eLearning elements such as Interactivity, Scenario and Navigation to impart knowledge and enhance learners’ learning capacity. Read on to find out the reasons why they are adopted in so many eLearning modules nowadays.

Working with Scenes

Think of scenes as slides in Microsoft PowerPoint. Scenes are helpful in separating content and controlling the flow of animations. This tutorial shows you how to work with scenes.

Using the Effects Tab

The Effects tab contains sections: shadow, filter and clip effects. Each of them shows a great support for designing but easy to use. Learn how to use these effects to boost your design in this tutorial.

Grouping Elements

Grouping multiple elements into a single one allows you to streamline your editing and speed up your work. Learn how to group elements and work with group in Saola Animate in this tutorial.

Ordering Elements

In Saola Animate, you can arrange the elements in many ways to create precise and professional-looking scenes. Today’s tutorial shows you how to order elements.

Characteristics of a Good Question in eLearning

Characteristics of a Good Question in eLearning

When it comes to eLearning course design, a good question can help educators not only attract learner’s attention but also measure learner’s understanding after enrolling in a course. In this article, you will learn about five important characteristics of a good question to create a highly-effective test or quiz for your eLearning courses.

11 Special Sites to Download Free Icons for Commercial Use

Icons play an integral role in design since they can convey all the messages to the viewer instantly. Let’s explore 11 special sites to download free icons for commercial use in today’s post.

Group Layout of Questions

Group Layout lets you define the layout for the group of objects. When it comes to questions, this feature allows you to specify the layout of the answer part since it is considered as a group of text box objects.
Group layout is useful in creating quizzes because you can use it to arrange each answer choice of a question in any position of the slide. You have two options for how to define the group layout for questions. One is to define it automatically and the other is to define it manually.

Setting Default Objects When Recording Simulation

In ActivePresenter 7, you can change default settings for objects just with simple steps and reuse in other projects by saving them as a theme or slide template.

Using Motion Paths in Animations

Saola Animate brings your website to life with HTML5 animation and interactive web content. Today’s tutorial describes how to create motion paths to mimic real-life motions, giving objects the illusion of life.

Work With Advanced Action in ActivePresenter 8

Advanced Actions will help you define complex actions, executive multiple actions at once, and build conditions for actions logically without repeating the same stages for each object.