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You are a newbie looking for the best video editing apps for beginners? Check out this blog to know more about the best ones available on the market.  

Video editing involves processing and rearranging video clips in order to make a movie. This is to make sure the video flows in telling a story or providing information. In editing, you can put elements such as images, sounds, video clips into your videos. Besides, it’s possible to remove some unwanted parts, add more effects, and movements. Finally, style them the way you want to get the desired output. 

Best Video Editing Apps for Beginners

To fulfill those editing requirements, people are hunting for the best video editors. They need to offer rich features and yet have a simple and intuitive interface. These tools also allow you to create videos with little effort. If you are searching for the best video editing apps for beginners, this blog is for you. We provide a list of the best video editors to help you get started. Though these apps are easy to use, they still bring you professional outcomes. So, whether you are juniors or seniors, the 5 best video editing apps for beginners below may meet your needs. 

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5 Best Video Editing Apps for Beginners

If you have never edited videos before, the simple tools to learn the basics are good choices. There are many video editing tools with effective features suitable for beginners and newbies alike.

#1. ActivePresenter – Overall & Easy-to-use Video Editing App

When it comes to the best video editing apps for beginners, it would be a big mistake not to mention ActivePresenter. This software is extremely easy to use for newbies and those who are not tech-savvy. At first glance, ActivePresenter looks like a common slide-based app. With the friendly user interface, you would quickly get familiar with it.

Best Video Editing Apps for Beginners - ActivePresenter

Before editing, you need to prepare videos. Firstly, You can record the screen using ActivePresenter. If there are available ones on the computer, navigate to the Insert tab > Video to import multiple of them. The imported videos are displayed on the Canvas. At the same time, their video objects are added to each line of the Timeline pane. Then, on the Timeline pane, users can simply edit the video with available commands. ActivePresenter provides a range of basic features like cut, copy, split, join, change speed, and volume. Easily drag the time bar of each object to adjust its duration. On the Canvas, you can view all changes you’ve made. 

To enhance the projects, ActivePresenter offers you to add shapes, texts, and closed captions. You can also use the Text to Speech engine to convert them to audio in multiple languages. Overall, with a few clicks, you will get a brilliant output. And don’t forget to add themes, transitions, effects, and motion paths available in the Design and Animations tab. They will take the final output to a whole new level. In the end, freely export the output to popular video formats then upload them on many websites. It looks good and runs smoothly on any modern browser and device.

Operating systems: Windows 7 or later (64-bit only), macOS 10, or later (64-bit Intel CPU only).


  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Powerful creating and editing tools.
  • Easy-to-customize tools.
  • Various outputs.
  • High-resolution video converting.


  • Adding a watermark.
  • Basic transitions and effects.

#2. Camtasia – Fast & Amazing Video Editing Tool

In case you are not familiar with video editing or are just starting in this field, Camtasia is a great option. It is one of the best video editing apps for beginners that offers complete tools for video editing. This app is to quickly develop videos in a professional manner. Easily find these tools on the left of the Canvas to start editing.

Best Video Editing Apps for Beginners - Camtasia

Users can import images, audio tracks, and videos from your computer, mobile device, or the cloud. Besides, it allows adding effects, transitions, annotations, animations. Check out its library to find more built-in resources of icons, intros, motion backgrounds, and so on. With the intuitive user interface, beginners access the features quickly. The Camtasia video editing function is primarily to work with the timeline and Canvas. Media objects are added into the Media Bin then users drag them to the timeline. 

Like other video editing software, Camtasia allows you to trim, split, and remove unwanted parts. Besides, users are able to preview all effects in the bin before adding them to the project. The effects are both trendy and practical. Try out pre-made animations (Behaviors) to make the video livelier. Enjoy other features such as slow-motion videos, cursor effects, and smart focus. These features make the app become a flexible and functional program. In the end, users can choose to display and export to many content platforms, both online and offline. 

Operating systems: Windows 10 1709 or later; macOS 10.14 or later. 


  • Very simple interface.
  • Great for non-experienced users.
  • Good asset library.
  • Free mobile version.
  • Creative quizzes making.


  • Few predesigned effects.
  • Limited customizations in video editing tools.

#3. Wondershare Filmora –  Simple UI & Powerful Video Editing Application

One of the best video editing apps for beginners is Wondershare Filmora. The software has a clean interface, like most other video editors. It is divided into three sections – source content, left and right previews, and a timeline at the bottom. Most controls are very intuitive. 

Wondershare Filmora

With some clicks, users can add media resources, audio tracks, transitions, and animations as layers. In that way, all the layers are shown clearly and edited easily. That brings amateurs a high level of simplicity and friendliness while using the app. Then, users can start making great-looking videos in just a few hours with Filmora. Its functional effects and tools produce videos with good visual finishes. That is thanks to impressive Hollywood effects. Additionally, The output turns into a piece of art with other 800+ stunning effects like text & titles, overlays, and filters. Users can also quickly access the storage and choose their favorite ones. 

After all, the app allows sharing the output video on multiple platforms and social networks. It also supports burning the video to DVD discs or saving ISO images for memorable gifts. 

Operating systems: Windows 7, 8, 10; macOS X 10.12 or later.


  • Plenty of built-in resources.
  • Intuitive color matching.
  • Stunning effects.
  • Safe and copyright-free music.


  • Slow exporting.
  • Limited design layout.

#4. OpenShot – Basic & Quick Video Editor

Next, the list of the best video editing apps for beginners would be missing without OpenShot. The software is great for starters who are just coming up in the video editing part of the graphics. It shows the whole functioning video editing tools process on one screen in the type of buttons.


In general, the app offers 4 modes of view, namely Simple View, Advanced View, Freeze/Unfreeze View, and Show All. Each of them shows particular panes to satisfy users’ look and feel. Finally, the export option covers various file formats and sizes. Surprisingly, this is a non-fee application.  Other than the fact that it’s free, it does almost everything you’d expect out of a video editor. 

With the help of this software, users can access multiple tracks, where editing happens.  OpenShot supports unlimited layers, and allows adding as many layers as they need to their videos. Then, easily drag and drop the videos, audio tracks, and images from the file manager into the tracks for editing. Trim and rearrange the videos to find perfect moments. In addition, users can choose from a variety of themes by simply clicking on them, which makes video editing a breeze. Flying text animations makes adding titles to the projects fun and easy.

Operating systems: Windows 7, 8, 10+; Linux; OS X; Chrome OS.


  • Free of charge.
  • Well-arranged menu.
  • Numerous video profiles and sizes.
  • Easy manipulation.


  • Lagging sometimes.
  • Inconvenient layers customization.

#5. VSDC Free Video Editor – Multimedia & Convenient Video Editor

Looking for a program for non-experienced users that can edit videos easily? Then VSDC Video Editor is what you would like. It’s also one of the best video editing apps for beginners. When opening the app, you can choose the way to start your project. Then, find the Object Tools vertical bar on the left of the Canvas to work with the project. It’s easy to add objects like shapes, charts, texts, captions, videos, and audio tracks. The tools enable users to import all the popular media formats. With buttons and tools shown in both the Edit and Editor tab, you can edit objects as you wish. 


The app is designed to be a convenient video editor for all users. The timeline will automatically fit objects even when you add long-duration ones. Different types of objects will appear in different colors. Moreover, most parameters of an object are displayed in the working space. You can customize them with ease. That gives users a more intuitive and fast way to edit video. VSDC is also a non-linear program. In that way, objects can appear in various positions in the scene synchronously with other objects. Just drag them to any point along the timeline. Finally, it offers various devices and formats for exporting your videos. Not only that, check out the Pro version for more advanced features. It provides a set of professional-level video editing tools and makes video editing faster.

Operating Systems: Windows.


  • Smart timeline.
  • Comprehensive parameters for editing.
  • Plenty of effects and transitions.
  • Multiple UI themes.


  • Pretty complicated interface.
  • Work on Windows only.


Video editing plays an important role in making us feel emotionally connected with the information and stories. It’s an essential job in modern life. With the best video editing apps for beginners mentioned above, beginners or upper-level users can create an emotion-evoking masterpiece. Keep updating our blog for more information about ActivePresenter and other best video editors now. Hope this will be helpful for you!

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