(Last Updated On: November 16, 2023)

Icons play an integral role in design since they can convey all the messages to the viewer instantly. Let’s explore 11 special sites to download free icons for commercial use in today’s post.

As you may know, icons or stock icons are small images, symbols, and signs which we often catch in daily life. Using them is an amazing way to communicate since a picture tells a thousand words. For example, small symbols on your smartphone screen that represent installed applications. Besides, let’s think about the road signs or signposts ensuring your safety when participating in traffic. Also, they can be emojis sent to your partner or reactions to another post on Facebook. As such, some instances reflect the essence of icons surrounding us.


People love visual design elements. And they have great needs for looking for and using icons in fields, especially, design. However, not all people are able to afford costly icons, even if you are an aged designer. That’s why free icons are populated. They are free to download, use and reuse for any purpose, personal as well as commercial. Together with other resources, free icons bring your projects a perfect look.

If you are on a budget and looking for amazing sites to download free icons for commercial use? Here below, we’ve got you all covered!

11 Special Sites to Download Free Icons for Commercial Use

Icons look small and simple but they have huge inner strength. Keep reading to bookmark 11 special sites for the best free commercial use icons.

#1. Iconfinder

The name says it all! Iconfinder is a powerful icon search engine. It is also the most spacious community of icons available on the Internet. There are nearly 6 million icons and illustrations in a wide range of categories and styles in this library. 

Iconfinder is the most spacious community of icons available on the Internet

It is very easy to find your target icons in its clean and friendly user interface, indeed. Pay close attention to the filter options in the left navigation. Iconfinder allows you to find exact free commercial use icons with no attribution by “Free” and “No link back” filters.

Available formats for free: PNG, SVG, AI, ICO, ICNS.

Licenses: Free icons in the app are under various license types. Some are no link back but some require attribution. Thus, make sure that you check the license before downloading free icons from the site.  

#2. Flaticon

Flaticon is one of the most popular sites to download free icons for commercial use. As an affiliated website of FreePik, it now has a massive free icon database on the network. Besides, it claims that users have the chance to explore more than 6.2 million vector icons here. 

Flaticon helps you to find out exact target icons

The icons have been designed by hundreds of artists from throughout the world. Hence, they cover a variety of styles and concepts. There is one more thing that makes everyone excited about the site. Sounds interesting? Flaticon enables users to change the color or the size of free icons before downloading them. 

Available formats for free: PNG. While SVG, EPS, PSD is free in Premium licenses. 

Licenses: There must be a link back to the site if using its free icons. 

#3. Icons8

Many people admit that Icons8 conquers them at first look. Yes, its cute homepage engages everyone indeed. Instead of icon packs, Icons8 provides individual ones across 35 different styles. With a few clicks, you can find and download free icons for commercial use as your desire.

To download free icons for commercial use, give this site a go

Moreover, the site offers powerful editing tools before downloading. Thanks to that, everyone can customize the icons with colors, sizes, backgrounds, shapes, as well as add texts, overlay to the icons. But that’s not all the reason why people love Icons8. It also provides a client application for macOS and Windows. It allows users to work with icons without an Internet connection. 

Available formats for free: PNG (64px size only). While SVG, PDF, and other icons’ size is in Premium licenses. 

Licenses: You need to give credits for using free icons here. Resell or redistribution is prohibited. 

#4. Dribbble

Among many sites to download free icons for commercial use, Dribbble is one of the best available. It seems that there is no better place to find and showcase creative work than Dribbble. So, it’s called the home of world-class designers.

Come to Dribbble to download free commercial use icons

Dribbble lets people explore 10,000+ amazing free icon designs and links to their own designers as well.  Firstly, sign up for the site and then use the search bar. By doing so, you can access as many free icons or icon sets as possible. 

Available formats for free: PNG, PSD, SVG. 

Licenses: Each icon comes with its own license. Check out the icon information in the page description. Note that not all the icons are downloadable. Some inspiring icons are just for viewing. Hence, you should spend time checking the information in the description section. 

#5. The Noun Project 

Welcome to a professional site for free commercial use icons, The Noun Project. Over 3 million icons created by designers from more than 120 countries are found here.

A library of free commercial use icons are available in The Noun Project

With a nice and clear user interface, searching for free icons on this site is really enjoyable. In addition, The Noun Project icons have a minimalist style. Most of the icons are in black and white. But they are not tedious at all. The site allows you to adjust some icon properties before downloading. For example, color, background, shape, and size. 

Available formats for free: PNG and SVG.

Licenses: Some are under Public Domain. While others are under Creative Commons license with attribution required. Therefore, check the icons’ information before using them.  

#6. GraphicBurger

Created by a Romanian designer, GraphicBurger provides premium quality design icons for free. There are a variety of icon sets available to download. Until now, the site has had more than 64 million downloads. Though the author doesn’t update the site frequently, GraphicBurger is still an adorable big collection to download free icons for commercial use. 

You can find out free commercial use icons here

Besides icons, the sites offer searchers many free text effects, background images, and mock-ups. This helps the design become a piece of cake. 

Available formats for free: PNG, AI, SKETCH, SVG, EPS, JPG.

Licenses: Attribution is not required, but any credit to this site is appreciated. It is not possible for everyone to resell or redistribute the site resources. 

#7. iconmonstr

If you’re looking for an intuitive site to download free icons for commercial use, give iconmonstr a go. In fact, this website was built by Alexander Kahlkopf, who has over 15 years of experience in icon design. 

iconmonstr is a powerful icon search engine

In general, iconmonstr brings users a chance to discover more than 4512 free icons in a range of 316 collections. All the icons here are black and white. This is quite similar to those in The Noun Project. Besides, you can adjust the icons’ size, color, background in PNG format before hitting the Download button. 

Available formats for free: PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD.

Licenses: Free to download and use icons for any commercial purpose without a link back. Remember that you may not resell, redistribute, and sublicense the work. Also, it is not possible to share, or otherwise transfer the work to anyone or any entity.

#8. IconArchive

With more than 600,000 icons, IconArchive is a search engine with a tag-based icon library for web developers, end-users, and artists. As well as a place to enjoy colorful icons, it is a source of inspiration for new design ideas.

IconArchive is one of the most popular sites to download free icons for commercial use.

Like some sites to download free icons for commercial use, IconArchive gives users a useful filter. When selecting “Commercial free” at the License filter, the app navigates you to right free commercial use icons. 

Available formats for free: PNG, SVG, ICO, ICNS.

Licenses: Commercial-free icons are under various license types. Thus, check out the licenses in the icon description before downloading.

#9. Streamline

Next, let’s come to Streamline to explore about 100 thousand icons, illustrations, and emojis for all your projects. Due to its diverse icon collections, Streamline is used by many notable companies. 

You can find out amazing free icons in Streamline

Interestingly, Streamline offers a very trending category: “Covid”. Here, you can find out a dozen of related subcategories. For example, Social distancing, Symptoms, Personal hygiene, and so on. 

Available formats for free: PNG, SVG.

Licenses: You can use free commercial use icons in case you add a link back to the site. 

#10. UXwing

It would be a gap if we won’t mention UXwing in the list of special sites to download free icons for commercial use. Created by a small graphic design team, all icons are carefully designed with a focus on quality.

UXwing allows to download free icons for commercial use

The site offers people 48 categories and about 150 subcategories. So, finding your target icons here is just a breeze. Besides, it enables users to edit or create icons themselves. That’s cool! 

Available formats for free: PNG, SVG.

Licenses: All icons are free to use for any purpose without any credit.  

#11. Iconshock

Last but not least, Iconshock is really worth visiting among great sites to download free icons for commercial use. The impressive homepage will attract you once you access it. This library is known as the biggest icon pack with 2 million professional icons. 

Iconshock is an amazing collections to download target icons

Moreover, users are able to mix and match thousands of vector icons. Thanks to that, creating creative icon packs with tons of styles is at your fingertip. If you’re looking for creative icons, don’t miss out on Iconshock!

Available formats for free: PNG, SVG.

Licenses: Iconshock’s icons aren’t 100% free if you don’t want to give attribution.

Final Words

So, you already know the beauty of icon collections. Hope that you grab useful information about the best sites to download free icons for commercial use. If you are an eLearning creator, you can also use icons to make your project more engaging. And let ActivePresenter – a powerful eLearning authoring tool give you a hand. Feel free to download the app and contact us if you need any assistance.