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ChatGPT Prompt examples will nudge industrial designers, company trainers, teachers, and students to the next level of the profession. Plug and play these 100+ best prompts for the educational and training industry.

Before heading to the main point, there are useful ChatGPT prompt examples queries can start with. They can be applied to any industry, not just limited to education. Usually, you can start writing with:

  • Act as [job profession]
  • Provide me with…, 
  • Provide instruction on
  • Suggest to me, starting with…
  • Explain to me in 100-200 words or in 5-10 sentences
  • Review my writing and give any ideas to improve.

For other prompt examples, you can visit How to Write Great ChatGPT Prompts (With Examples). Generally, the more detail you provide to ChatGPT, the more precise answer it would pull out. 

In fact, rather than typing in a request to ask ChatGPT to provide examples about [what], you can describe the limit [time, pages, sentences], [target audience] you are aiming to. For example, instead of typing “Create an outline plan for Industrial Revolution”, write:

“Create an outline plan for Industrial Revolution in 1-2 page length, point out key events that students should focus on, then packed in 45-60 minutes of the lesson time”.

ChatGPT Prompt Examples for Education

1. ChatGPT Prompt Examples for Company Trainers

Create a Training Program Plan

  1. Suppose you are an in-house company trainer. Give a step-by-step tutorial on how to make a training program plan beneficial for a new employee orientation.
  2. Act as an in-house company trainer in an international company. Suggest me a standard and detailed outline for global training programs.
  3. Give instructions on how to do a training analysis to determine the knowledge and skill gaps in a company.
  4. This is the draft of my company training program plan for [topic]. Review it then suggest to me any new ideas that can be added in to improve the plan.
  5. When creating a professional development training program, suggest to me any market trends or key industry subjects I should take into account.

Create Onboarding and Orientation Training Program

  1. Suggest me the outline with 5-6 key points for the purpose of new hires onboarding training programs, including warm-up activities and building connections among them.
  2. What are the key factors to include in an effective onboarding and orientation training program for new employees?
  3. Provide me with 3-4 strategies on tactics to use when onboarding new employees to introduce them to the business culture, values, and mission.
  4. Here is the plan for my company onboarding. Please act as my supervisor and give me feedback on what areas can be improved, making new hires understand their roles, responsibilities, and performance expected outcomes during onboarding as the basic goal.
  5. Suppose you are a new hire at my company. Do you think what is the best way to educate new employees about the process, policy, and compliance requirements? Please back up with an explanation.

Training Content Creation

  1. Provide me with the resources and tools to create engaging interactive training content creation software, excluding the name available here [name list].
  2. Arrange my provided training program outline here from basic to advanced level while keeping its logical structure.
  3. Provide me with 5-6 ideas to design training materials that is suitable for various learning needs and styles.
  4. Offer training methods to make technical jargon or complicated concepts easier for new hires to understand.
  5. Act as my training manager in a company. In this case, you will review my training content to make sure that it meets the desired learning outcomes (list name). Point out the pros and cons and suggest ways to improve.
Company training ChatGPT Prompts

Training Content Evaluation

  1. Give advice on how to choose the best tools and methods for evaluating the efficacy of training content.
  2. Suggest to me 3-4 ways to measure the training effectiveness of [topic] on target learners.
  3. Name other methods for obtaining learners’ feedback to enhance training materials besides online surveys and face-to-face talk.
  4. Suggest me 5-6 pre-assessment and post-assessment activities to measure the effectiveness of the training program. 
  5. Act as the training specialist, then evaluate my learners’ performance evaluation plan and assist me in detecting at which points I can be improved.

Learning Transfer to the Workplace

  1. Suggest me several after-training activities or assignments that aid can be reinforced and adapted into practice?”
  2. Advise me on 4-5 effective ways to help learners develop objectives, then make plans for transferring knowledge gained to the workplace.
  3. How can I create on-the-job training situations that make it easier for learners to digest?
  4. Provide me with strategies to encourage staff members to share their newly gained knowledge with colleagues willingly.
  5. Suggest online platforms or tools so that learners can revisit training content if they are in need. Tools that can track visit times and retention times are preferable. 

2. ChatGPT Prompt Examples for Instructional Designers

Presentation Style to Reach Target Audience

  1. Suggest the presentation style that a basic marketing training program about customer journey should apply for the purpose of reaching marketing newbies.
  2. Suggest the presentation format that a Japanese language course should use for entry-level learners.
  3. In order to instruct new users, suggest the presenting format that technical training for software programs should apply.
  4. Suggest the presenting format that a new employee orientation program should use to reach fresh graduates.
  5. Suggest the structure & format of a leadership development program should apply to reach mid-level managers.

Instructional Design Models

  1. Suggest common instructional design models that are widely applied when building educational courses.
  2. In order to address particular learning scenarios or goals, provide me with 4-5 examples of how to use various instructional design approaches.
  3. Suggest 5 ways to integrate personalized learning into the ADDIE model.
  4. Among ADDIE, Bloom’s taxonomy, and Mayer’s Principles, give feedback on my case, then choose which model is the most appropriate [insert case]
  5. Recommend instructional design models suitable for mobile learning, combined with reasons for why you choose.

eLearning Tools and eLearning Design

  1. Recommend authoring tools software easy to use for the purpose of producing interactive and interesting e-learning content, including price and trial time.
  2. Create a table to differentiate authoring tools vs PowerPoint.
  3. Recommend authoring tools allowing me to import PPT.
  4. What are some creative ways to use technology for assessments, like interactive simulations or online tests?
  5. Provide me with 10 LMS names suitable for SME companies to deliver eLearning courses, with [conditions].

Gamification and Game-based Learning

  1. Suggest me 4-5 small game-based activities to help learners reinforce new concepts about workplace safety rules. Name it out and brief the game rules.
  2. Instruct me on several techniques for incorporating rewards and bonus points into game-based learning activities.
  3. Recommend eLearning tools for developing gamified learning experiences, particularly for online or virtual settings.
  4. Suggest to me at least 10 academic research papers regarding the impact of gamification on learners’ performance. 
  5. My instructional design will likely include some game-based activities. Can you provide examples of game formats corresponding to particular learning goals using authoring tools?

Assessment and Evaluation Design

  1. List popular exam question types for assessment.
  2. Instruct me on how to design an online survey to collect feedback from learners.
  3. I want to do a knowledge check for learners about [topic] and suggest appropriate question types.
  4. Review my test formats and give feedback on how to improve to make sure there is a diversity of question types.
  5. Recommend me several factors to consider when designing an assessment well-suited for [target audience].

3. ChatGPT Prompt Examples for Teachers

Lesson Plan

  1. Suggest any tools or templates for creating engaging and user-friendly courses for the LMS.
  2. Provide me with real-world case studies related to [topic] in my lesson plan.
  3. Create an outline plan for [topic] in 2-3 approaches, make sure to make it unique and original.
  4. I need to come up with ways to encourage critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Advise me on how I can integrate them into my lesson plan.
  5. Here is my outline plan for a lesson about [topic]. Now you will act as my student, give me feedback on what you like and don’t. For the part you like, suggest to me some online class activities I can apply to my class.

Warm-up Activities

  1. Name 7-8 warm-up activities for an online class under 10 minutes without much preparation, with an aim to connect new students and get to know each other.
  2. Provide me with some techniques for keeping students interested and motivated in my lesson about [topic]
  3. Instruct me several ideas to start my lesson about [topic] to keep students engaged from the beginning.
  4. Propose me 8-9 small discussion questions regarding [topic] before class kicks off.
  5. Offer suggestions for online class activities that encourage teamwork in under 10 minutes.

Online Teaching Tools for Teachers

  1. Suggest me several interactive whiteboard apps like Jamboard that will let me annotate and work in real-time with students.
  2. What desktop-based software can I use to record and edit videos in order to produce pre-produced instructional videos?
  3. Suggest online annotation tools that can leave feedback on students’ digital assignments or documents.
  4. Can you recommend any interactive online quiz maker that can be incorporated into LMS & shown real-time results?
  5. Provide me with one tool that helps me record screens, edit videos, and create interactive eLearning lessons.

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Summary Topics

  1. Read the article and summarize the main points given in a listed format.
  2. Briefly describe the main points in this blog with examples to illustrate.
  3. Summarize the key events and results of [historical events].
  4. Given the topic regarding [topic name], highlight the focal points students should pay attention to.

Assessment and Grading

  1. Recommend several test formats applied to evaluate students’ understanding and learning progress.
  2. Provide guidance on conducting peer assessment and how to apply it successfully.
  3. Give me 3-4 ideas to handle late assignments submission while keeping fair grading.

Communication with Students

  1. Suggest to me 3-4 ways to overcome the feelings of giving F to students
  2. Provide guidance to facilitate students’ productive interaction and cooperation during group activities.
  3. Recommend ways to avoid miscommunications that might occur among students.

Communication with Parents

  1. Provide me with some ways to help parents support home learning by sharing resources, educational materials, or practices with them.
  2. Recommend me several ways to get parents involved in their children’s education. 
  3. Suggest methods to give feedback about their children’s learning performance to parents.

4. ChatGPT Prompt Examples for Students

Suggest a Research Topic

  1. Suggest a research topic for the development of the banking industry and its impact on the economy.
  2. Suggest research topic to well-known international merge and acquisition deals from 19xx to 20xx.
  3. Suggest research topic to consumer behavior in an online environment.
  4. Suggest reading relevant resources on the impact of artificial intelligence on the job market and challenges for new graduates.
  5. Suggest reading relevant resources to the theory of human evolution.

Explain [concept] in Simple and Understandable Ways

  1. Explain inflation in simple and understandable ways and its effect to the economy
  2. Explain authoring tools in simple and understandable ways
  3. Explain how AI works in simple terms.
  4. Explain Newton’s laws of motion in simple terms and provide examples of each law in action.

Teach Me about

  1. Teach me about balance sheets in 5-10 sentences and highlight the most important bullet points I need to know about.
  2. Illustrate the theory of supply and demand in 200 works and explain its relation.
  3. Help me understand cyber securities in 100 words and highlight important keywords.

Provide Guidance on

  1. Can you provide guidance on how to set up and organize a qualified argumentative essay?
  2. Provide guidance on how to prepare for job interviews and leave a positive impression?”
  3. Can you offer advice on how to write a strong and impressive introduction and conclusion for an academic essay?
  4. Provide me advice on overcoming procrastination and maintaining discipline.

Act as a Plagiarism Checker

  1. Act as a plagiarism checker, then help me identify any plagiarism in my essay on bankruptcy prediction models.
  2. Review my research paper and check if there is any accidental plagiarism higher than 20%  that I need to correct.
  3. I want to keep my paper original. If there is any plagiarism in my document and citing the link I get plagiarized, point it out.
  4. Act as a plagiarism checker and assist me in paraphrasing certain sections of my report to avoid any potential plagiarism.
  5. As a plagiarism checker, review my citation and ensure that all the sources are properly cited and formatted in Harvard referencing styles.

Act as a Grammar Checker

  1. Serve as a grammar checker for my essay on [subject] and assist me in finding any flaws.
  2. “Act as a grammar checker and provide guidance on how to use, () and ‘ correctly.”
  3. Proofread my paragraph and make any necessary corrections to my wording.
  4. Review my writing and advice on sentence structure, as well as clarity and coherence.
  5. Please check the grammar and syntax to make it more polished and professional and rewrite any complex sentences.

Last Words

You no longer have to twist your brain to “think” how to write inputs since these ChatGPT prompts examples already outplay the game in the education and training field. Plug and play and revisit this blog as your educational prompts wiki for current and future use.

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