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Search “best quiz makers for teachers”, you will get hundreds of millions of search results. Too overwhelmed? Don’t worry, this article is all about picking the best quiz makers for you.

Believe me! You are a great teacher, and your students must go crazy about you if games and quizzes are part of your class. In fact, games liven up classes, relax students, and help teachers deliver knowledge. This is even more valid in virtual classes. Without games, both teachers and learners could be bored stiff. That’s why all teachers should have a few quiz makers up their sleeves. So, let’s dig in and find out the 5 best quiz makers for teachers in today’s blog post.

5 best quiz makers

We will take a detailed look at the following awesome quiz makers for teachers:

Quiz Maker #1: ActivePresenter

Few eLearning authoring tools could rival this software when choosing top quiz makers for teachers. Firstly, ActivePresenter offers a wide range of question types such as Multiple Choice, Gap Filling to Drag and Drop, and so much more. In addition, what sets ActivePresenter apart is its capacity to turn your game ideas into reality. You can adjust built-in questions to create practically any kind of game. This is extremely useful when you want to personalize class activities. What’s more, ActivePresenter also has game and quiz samples in case you don’t know where to start. 

Secondly, besides creating games and quizzes, this tool is also excellent at screen recording, voice recording, and video editing. What’s more, files can be exported in multiple formats like HTML5, MP3, MP4, and PowerPoint. Also, they work across platforms from websites, LMS to YouTube.

ActivePresenter’s other selling point is its top customer service. Most claims are resolved in just one day or two. Moreover, the software is affordable with lifetime purchase and free-of-charge customer support.

In short, powerful, versatile, and affordable are the keywords for ActivePresenter.

ActivePresenter quiz creator


  • Offer 13 preset question types: True/False, Multiple Choice, Multiple Response, Fill in Text Entry, Fill in Text Entries, Fill in Blanks, Sequence, Drag-n-Drop, Hotspot, Essay, Select in Dropdown, Select in Dropdowns, and Rating Scale
  • Allow importing external questions from CVS and GIFT files
  • Create games with unlimited capacity
  • Integrate text-to-speech voice feature
  • Allow exporting files to multiple formats and uploading them to free ActivePresenter Online LMS
  • Offer a Free edition with all the features of the Standard and Pro editions
  • Deliver excellent customer support


  • Embed watermarks in the Free edition
  • Doesn’t support cloud sharing and collaboration features

Quiz Maker #2: Typeform

For busy teachers, Typeform is one of the perfect online quiz makers. It only takes you a couple of minutes to create a quiz thanks to its clean, intuitive user interface. It also offers a number of built-in question types such as Multiple Choice, Yes/No, Short Answer, and Long Answer. All you have to do is to type in your questions, edit answers and add visual content for each question. Besides, you can adjust fonts, colors, themes, and layouts.

Typeform differs from other quiz makers in question navigation. In fact, its logic jump feature allows teachers to show students a certain question, based on their previous answers. This is useful when teachers want to design a personalized quiz or test depending on students’ performance.


Image from Unsplash


  • Offer logic jump feature
  • Allow adding collaborators
  • Offer a collection of eye-catching preset templates
  • Offer multiple collections of Unsplash photography
  • Have an intuitive interface


  • Provide limited types of quizzes
  • Offer free plan with restricted features
  • Charge high prices for paid plans
  • Doesn’t deliver fast customer support

Quiz Maker #3: Google Forms

Next on the list, we have Google Forms. Google Forms can create quizzes easily and quickly since they have a very intuitive interface. Besides, this tool is linked with other Google tools like Google Sheets. So, tracking students’ data becomes super easy.

Google Forms includes some types of questions such as Short Answers, Paragraphs, Multiple Selection, Check Boxes, Pull-down, Linear Scale, and Grid of several options. Yet, in terms of customization, this tool may pale beside other quiz makers for teachers because its fonts and layouts are limited. So, Google Forms is not suitable when you want to create different types of games and quizzes. 

Google form

Image from Unsplash


  • Create online quizzes for free
  • Allow adding collaborators
  • Offer a friendly user interface
  • Integrate with Google Sheets
  • Work well on both computers and mobiles


  • Provide limited types of quizzes
  • Allow limited design customization

Quiz Maker #4: Quizlet

Quizlet is one of the free helpful quiz makers for teachers to provide learning tools for students. At its most basic, Quizlet is a database with millions of study sets in the form of a deck of flashcards. Additionally, Quizlet allows users to edit flashcards by changing questions and adding media. This online quiz maker offers a wide range of highly interactive modes as well:

  • Spell reads a term or definition and prompts students to type in what they hear. So, this study mode is perfect for practicing spelling and pronunciation skills. 
  • In Test mode, students have to answer questions in different question forms.  
  • In Match, students have to match terms and definitions as quickly as possible.
  • Gravity is a game where students need to protect a planet by typing in the correct answer before asteroids hit it.
  • Live is an in-classroom game mode in which students work as a team. That’s why this mode always stirs up the atmosphere and injects a competitive spirit into the class.
  • Learn mode can be Quizlet’s most powerful feature. It helps create a personalized, adaptive study plan. As students answer more questions correctly, they will have to answer more difficult questions.

What’s more, Quizlet keeps track of scores so you can see your students’ progress and classmates can compete with each other to rank top.

Quizlet - flashcard quiz maker for teachers


  • Allow making online quizzes for free
  • Incorporate adaptive features
  • Support adding music, recordings, and pictures with a huge pool of Freepik photography
  • Have a very intuitive interface
  • Work well on both computers and mobiles


  • Provide limited types of quizzes
  • Doesn’t allow editing fonts, colors, or layouts of quizzes
  • Most modes are suitable for language learning rather than other subjects.
  • Most available activities are suitable for students to join individually. Only Live mode is suitable for in-class settings.

Quiz Maker #5: Kahoot

One of the best quiz makers for teachers must be Kahoot. In fact, this free online quiz platform is no stranger to millions of classes. It is fast and easy to use. So, you need no more than 3 minutes to get the hang of it. Also, this free online quiz platform can be addictive because of its eye-catching interface, energetic background music, and real-time scoreboards. Rest assured your class will explode once they play Kahoot. Not only perfect for in-classroom activities, Kahoot is also ideal for homework and assignments.

Just like Quizlet, Kahoot allows you to edit questions and add media. However, fonts and layouts are preset and not editable. Also, the range of built-in questions is somewhat classic, limited to Multiple Choice, True/False, Gap Filling, and Puzzle. This limits teachers’ ability to create customized games.

Kahoot - a free online quiz platform for teachers


  • Create free-of-charge online quizzes
  • Have a very intuitive interface
  • Work on both computers and mobiles
  • Have engaging background music, colors, and game layout


  • Provide limited types of quizzes
  • Doesn’t allow editing fonts, colors, and layouts of quizzes


To summarize, above are the top 5 best quiz makers for teachers. Hopefully, this article can help you choose the most suitable one for you and your class. Let’s stay tuned for more blogs and have a nice day!

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