(Last Updated On: November 16, 2023)

Are you tired of searching for free vector graphics to upgrade your website look? If so, here are the 6 best sites for free vector image download that may cover everything you need. 

We all know the role of images since our brain captures visual content better. That’s may the reason why, it is said that “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Web designers or graphic designers want to level up their websites, banners, logos, etc. with perfect illustrations. While eLearning designers also want the best images to inspire learners. However, not everyone has the privilege of easily reaching out to their preferred graphic designer for a prompt image. Additionally, locating sources that provide high-quality vector images for free can be challenging.

It is no longer time-consuming to visit and check every website one by one, it’s all here. Now, let’s begin!

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What is a Vector Image?

In the previous article, you’ve known the difference between vector and raster graphics. For your information, vector images are created using mathematical formulas rather than pixels to represent the image. While bitmap images (also known as raster images) are made up of pixels, which can become blurry or distorted when they are enlarged; vector ones completely solve that limitation. People choose to use vector images because of their flexibility and versatility.

Top 6 Best Sites to Download Free Vector Images 

Listed below are websites that provide high-quality vectors, illustrations, icons, and other resources. Furthermore, all are free to download, even for commercial use.

#1. Freepik – a Leading Graphics Resource

Founded in 2010, Freepik now becomes one of the largest and most popular collections for downloading free images, videos, templates, and vectors. This vast resource gets about 50 million views with 100 million downloads monthly. So, it’s no surprise that Freepik tops the list of resources for free vector images. 

Freepik - a Leading Graphics Resource

The site hosts about 4.5 million graphic resources in many design styles. Navigating to the Vectors collections from its Homepage is a piece of cake, then, you’ll see 20 different categories to choose from. Each category offers multiple collections to download for personal and commercial projects. Remember that if you are a free user, attribution is required. 

Downloadable file formats: AI, EPS, and JPG.

#2. Vecteezy – a Professional Quality Creative Resource

According to Vecteezy, its mission is to provide designers with the resources they need to be successful. Up to now, this site has become a reliable resource for many famous brands and designers. 

a Professional Quality Creative Resource

There is a wide variety of free vector art, illustrations, and icons available on Vecteezy, which a global community of artists brings to. You can search for and download exactly the free vector images you want by using helpful filter tools. Furthermore, as collaborators add new content every week, you’ll never run out of vectors to use.

Downloadable file formats: EPS, JPG, and PDF.

#3. Free Vector – a World of Free Vector Art 

The name says it all! If you’re searching for a large collection of free downloadable vector images, Free Vector is a good choice

a World of Free Vector Art

Just enter keywords then you can find a lot of interesting vectors from its basic webpage. Thousands of new illustrations, clipart, icons, and more are added each month to Free Vector, so make sure to check back frequently. Although Free Vector allows you to download free vector images, you are able to use them for personal use. And be sure not to redistribute the files.

Downloadable file formats: EPS, AI, PDF, SVG, and JPG

#4. VectorPortal – a Go-to Resource for Royalty-free Vector Illustrations and Icons

The VectorPortal site, established in 2005, stands as one of the earliest free vector sites featured on today’s list. A number of designers refer to this website as a top source for downloading free vector images. Until now, the vector database keeps growing and new material is always available.

a Go-to Resource for Royalty-free Vector Illustrations and Icons

In VectorPortal, all of the content is under Creative Commons Attribute License (CC-BY), therefore, you can use it for any purpose. It is easy to download, but you must give credit to the authors.

Downloadable file formats: EPS, and AI.

#5. Reshot – a Modern Library of Free Vector Illustrations

Another amazing candidate on the list is Reshot. It offers a modern library of free vector images to download and use for any purpose without attribution. On the site, you can find over 40K icons and more than 1500 illustrations.

a Modern Library of Free Vector Illustrations

With a well-design and friendly interface, searching for your desired stuff here is just a breeze. You can always find an array of free stock illustrations related to social media, people, e-commerce, music, food, etc. So, what are you waiting for? Give Reshot a try and you’ll feel happy with this choice, for sure. 

Downloadable file formats: EPS, SVG, and PNG.

#6. Free Vector Maps – a Home of High-quality Vector World Maps

In search of a vector map? Look no further than Free Vector Maps! You can browse through this free vector website to discover an extensive range of high-quality monochromatic and color vector maps.

a Home of High-quality Vector World Maps

Free Vector Maps enables users to narrow down and download free world vector images according to continents, regions, countries, or even capitals. Then, just click the Download button to save the map file to your computer, and don’t forget to provide attribution in your project. 

Downloadable file formats: EPS, AI, PDF, JPG, and PNG.

Final Words

That’s the top 6 great sites to download free vector images for your project. Once having the vector images you want, you can import them into ActivePresenter or Saola Animate to make them work. While ActivePresenter is a leading eLearning authoring tool, Saola Animate is the ultimate HTML5 animation and interactive web one. Fortunately, both software allow the creation of stunning content and animations together with your vector images (SVG file format). So, take your projects to the next level with these apps now! And feel free to contact us if you need any assistance.