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You deeply understand the role of corporate training, yet you have not found a suitable method to train your employees. Then, this article is for you to know more about custom eLearning solutions in corporate training.

In this article, you will have a clearer insight about a popular trend these days, training in corporate eLearning. At the same time, following the 3 main parts as below, you will figure out why and how you should consider custom eLearning solutions in your training process.

Custom eLearning Solutions in Corporate Training

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What Do We Know about eLearning in Corporate Training?

eLearning, also known as online learning, is the process of delivering and acquiring knowledge via digital resources. Unlike traditional learning, eLearning provides trainers and learners with a more flexible environment for education, such as via videos, online courses, online meetings and so on. 

Meanwhile, corporate training, for easy understanding, is the transmission of knowledge and information about the company and work to new employees through a series of activities, workshops and evaluations. This training process plays an important role in helping improve working efficiency and increase labor productivity. At the same time, businesses can maintain and develop professional skills for employees.

Market Research Future has revealed in their Global Corporate E-learning Market Research Report (2021) that: “… growing demand for e-learning, business meetings and video conferencing is proved with the increasing numbers of Skype and Zoom users during the pandemic. As per MRFR Analysis, the global e-Learning (educational and professional) market is expected to cross USD 200 Billion by 2025”. This proves that eLearning is becoming a growing trend all over the world, especially in the outbreak of COVID – 19 disease. By now and in the future, it will continue developing to become the best solution in most fields, especially in corporate training.

Why Do Corporates Need Custom eLearning Solutions in Their Training Process?

Custom eLearning solutions are undoubtedly helpful in corporate training due to their cost-effectiveness, diversification, controllability and flexibility towards users.


Applying custom eLearning solutions in training is cost-saving and efficient. Educators no longer need to organize in-person training classes or workshops. That also means they can reduce the costs for location, traffic, printing, and facilities. Thanks to digital media, companies can send guidance documents and manage employee training in a more systematic, scientific, and convenient way.

The eLearning software with integrated features also helps corporates be more economical than one with separate specialized functions. ActivePresenter is such a good example. In that, you can create interactive content like presentations, videos, simulations, quizzes, or games, and at the same time, edit and export them to versatile formats without paying for another tool.

eLearning Authoring Tool: ActivePresenter Highlight Features

ActivePresenter Highlight Features


While using custom eLearning solutions in corporate training, educators can freely and creatively personalize the courses to match the company’s goals and values. There will be no more boring in-person presentations or lengthy available full-package lessons. You can diversify your training content into videos, simulations, games, or quizzes as long as your employees feel excited and easy to understand. The online resources are endless.

Cherry Blossom sample by ActivePresenter 


Custom eLearning solutions also allow companies to take control of their training programs and their employees’ performance. Such platforms tend to support tools for tracking, giving feedback, and analyzing learners’ data. Through periodical assessments, educators can easily see learners’ gaps in knowledge and promptly adjust teaching materials to improve the training process.

eLearning Assessment, Report and Feedback Features

Report Slide by ActivePresenter 


Besides, custom eLearning in corporate training brings back an amount of flexibility. Instead of traveling to classes, learners can now get access to the courses at any time, any place as long as they have an Internet connection and devices. They can also freely review the course content if they feel that the speed of the online class is a bit quick for them to follow. This helps personalize and classify one’s learning path, as well as reduce the extra time when one person has to wait for another at traditional classes. 

How to Make Effective Use of Custom eLearning Solutions in Corporate Training?

Apply eLearning Software Solutions in Corporate Training 

Using eLearning software solutions in corporate training is becoming more trendy than ever due to its convenience in creating, delivering and hosting training content. The most common platforms you can see are eLearning authoring tools, LMS (Learning Management System) and LCMS (Learning Content Management System). 

Below is an overview comparison table of these 3 popular software:

eLearning Authoring ToolLMS (Learning Management System)LCMS (Learning Content Management System)
Usage of ContentCreate + DeliverDeliver + Host Create + Deliver
Target UserLearner (Wide Audience)Learner (Wide Audience)Learning Content Creator (Single User)
SCORM CompatibilityYes, but often basic analyticsYes, but only basic SCORM tracking availableYes, with detailed analytics
Scope of UseDigital learningDiverse, suitable for blended learningDigital learning, not suitable for blended learning
Suggested Platforms ActivePresenter, Adobe Captivate, ElucidatMoodle, Odoo, BlackboardXyleme, Kenexa

However, it is mostly advisable that corporations use an authoring tool along with an LMS for training purposes. This is because they complement each other to create the most effective combination. While the authoring tools are specialized in creating engaging content, LMS is more powerful in hosting the courses. Both focus on the learners and are suitable for blended learning to make the most use of. With the combination of these 2 effective platforms, delivering your ideas, courses and tests to employees is no longer a problem. Custom eLearning in corporate training has never been easier!

Turn Dry Information into Engaging Interactive Content through eLearning Tools

Sometimes, a large volume of information from the beginning  will make employees feel overwhelmed and difficult to absorb. Normally, our brains are more receptive to visuals, interactive content and sound. Therefore, instead of cramming information, try breaking the content into small chunks and adding interactive elements to increase the learner’s ability to focus and remember.

Click the Start button below to see if you can become a Millionaire

Millionaire Quiz by ActivePresenter

For example, pick up some important information and put them together in the form of a Millionaire Quiz as above. At each rank your employee passes, let’s reward him with an amount of money or gifts. This definitely boosts up the spirit of self-study, self-reading and concentration of each person, as well as a kind of the company’s recognition for those who really care and pay attention to the job.

Build and Store Detailed, Systematic and Diverse Training Material for Custom eLearning

The document management process is very important and necessary for every organization. Especially in training, the systematization of training documents will help a lot in speeding up the work process, saving time and costs, as well as improving work efficiency in general. 

Therefore, eLearning provides a solution for storing and building the materials in a systematic and reasonable way. For example, cloud computing is one possible solution for corporate eLearning. No need for paper documents that easily get lost, both educators and learners can now get access to the huge database as long as they have a good Internet connection and an electronic device. Information is divided into logical categories with optimized search engine tools. Such clearance, meticulousness and systematicity definitely make for a better experience. Also, storage places like Google Cloud or Dropbox are so familiar, and it is predicted that there will be more places like them than ever with a larger capacity.

online cloud storage

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Final Words

In conclusion, custom eLearning in corporate training is a necessity that each company should pay attention to. Especially in the era of advanced technology and saturated markets, creating and innovating from within is a breakthrough that sets the stage for other innovations and developments. Applying science and technology to develop and train people is gradually becoming a trend, and it will be fully effective if people use them wisely. 

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