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Do you still doubt the effectiveness of using brain training games in training children? If so, this article about IQ increasing games with the top 12 suggested list will definitely make you change your mind and have a different viewpoint on methods to educate kids.

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IQ Increasing Games for brain training

Image by Pixabay

Overview of IQ Increasing Games

IQ increasing games, or brain training games, are games designed not only for fun but also for training purposes. The more trendy the gamification tendency becomes, the more frequently IQ increasing games are used, especially in educational classes. According to an article about brain training games (BTG) by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, BTG plays a major role in improving cognitive functions, even prevent short attention span. Many BTG intervention studies have reported increased performance in cognitive tasks. For example, speed and accuracy, visuo-motor coordination, attention, memory, working memory, and global cognitive function. Therefore, it is advisable that teachers and parents should regard these games as a helpful tool in their training strategy.

So, what pros do IQ increasing games bring back exactly? First of all, they help boost memory. Children must use their brains to memorize data to figure out solutions. Furthermore, while playing games, kids become more focused, and attentive. They just need to be indifferent for a second to lose. Besides, reflexes and interaction skills are significantly increased. This helps practice the sharpness of cognitive functions. Finally, it is undeniable that IQ increasing games also play a role in improving problem-solving and analytical ability. The final goal of each game is to win. The process of earning a win requires lots of skills and experience. That also explains why many teachers now include games in their training material due to games’ various effects.

Suggested Brain Training Games in Class for Kids

If you are a teacher looking for some interesting content to integrate into your lessons and lectures, here are the top 12 best IQ increasing games that you should note down.

TypeIQ Increasing GamesSkills Trained
Color Blind GameVisual scanning, comparison, time management
Sensory Development IQ Increasing GamesSpot the DifferencesVisual attention, visual scanning, comparison
Blindfolded Guessing GameAnticipation, sensory, imagination
Sudoku GameReasoning, perseverance, elimination
Mind Development IQ Increasing GamesJengaSelf-control, observing, analyzing
CrosswordsReasoning, analyzing, imagination
PictionaryImagination, flexibility, time management
Imagination Development IQ Increasing GamesRole-PlayLanguage, reasoning, flexibility
Jigsaw PuzzleImagination, perseverance, focus
Matching GameMemorizing, reflex
Memory Development IQ Increasing GamesMissing Object GameMemorizing, focus
A tale never loses in the tellingMemorizing, imagination

Sensory Development IQ Increasing Games

This type of game helps players make the full use of their senses. About 80-90% of intelligence is linked to our 5 senses. The senses provide the brain with the inputs so we can process data. Therefore, first, do include some sensory games in your lesson plan.

Color Blind Game

color blind game for brain training

Color Blind Game by ActivePresenter

This game is designed to help players better recognize color shades. So, what they have to do is to choose a different color from the others in a short limited time. This requires players to well practice their visual scanning skills, as well as properly manage time. You can include this game in your interactive eLearning course for a more attractive lecture.

Spot the Differences

Spot the Difference by ActivePresenter

This game is no longer strange to the young. Due to its assistance in improving the children’s ability to observe, distinguish and identify, the game is increasingly popular. You can now easily design your own game with a powerful eLearning tool like ActivePresenter and let your kids play. 

Blindfolded Guessing Game

blindfolded guessing game to increase IQ

Source: Heart Touching Films

This game has many ways to play. it can be touching objects or people, but the ultimate goal is still to guess what the player just touched. When playing this game, children can develop all their senses to feel and visualize things. Don’t be too surprised by their imagination. Whether they guess right or wrong, their answer is always full of interest.

Mind Development IQ Increasing Games

This type of game directly trains the intelligence of the players. They need to combine their thinking, problem solving, observation, analysis, and elimination skills to win the game. So, here are some suggestions for you. 

Sudoku Game

Sudoku Game to practice IQ

Sudoku Game by ActivePresenter

This is a Math puzzle game, which requires players to use critical thinking and reasoning skills. Along with that are the patience and carefulness while you deal with the numbers. With a long history from the 18th century in Europe, Sudoku has been popular and loved by millions of people all around the world. In this game, players need to fill in with the right numbers. The final goal is that each column, each row, and each of the 9×9 subgrids contains all of the digits from 1 to 9. Thus, let’s try creating your own Sudoku and test the kids to see how they brainstorm with the numbers. 


jenga brain training game

Image by Pixabay 

In this game, each child takes turns to pull blocks from the tower. They have to be careful not to let the tower fall down in their turn. You can add some modifications such as distraction questions so the players will lose their attention. This is a fun game to train the kids focusing, observing skills and carefulness.


Fruit Name Crossword by ActivePresenter

Do you wonder why the New York Times crosswords are so popular? With a history of 100 years, millions of people have solved and become better at solving these puzzles. This habit is favorable as it helps the players enhance their linguistic skills, logic, reasoning ability and cultural knowledge. Therefore, it definitely plays an important role in increasing one’s IQ. Try taking a look at our samples of eLearning crosswords if you do not know how to design them yet.

Imagination Development IQ Increasing Games

Next, to boost brain training in young children, we often stimulate their imagination. Therefore, this type of game is also advised to be applied in class curriculum.


Pictionary game to train imagination

For those who do not know this game, it is another guessing game. Players must guess the right words for the picture that their teammate draws. The team with a faster correct answer scores a point. So, how does this game relate to IQ enhancement? Through this pictionary game, children get the chance to practice imagination. They must apply their learned knowledge and inference to connect the hints they observe. Meanwhile, the painter is free to develop his own personal view of the thing. Furthermore, you will be surprised to find out how united and aggressive the kids are.


role-play game in class

Image by Pexels

Role-play is another suggestion. This brain training game requires the children to play the characters’ role and solve the situations in the story. Thus, it helps children feel, think, and see more realistically in social situations. Such skills like language, reasoning, problem-solving and flexibility are used to the maximum extent. Also, the game does bring back the energy and excitement for the classroom.

Jigsaw Puzzle

jigshaw puzzle game to train brain

Image by Pixabay

Jigsaw puzzle is another IQ increasing game that assists the brain training process. Basically, it consists of a picture which is cut into small pieces and players must fit them in to complete the puzzle. In this game, the kids need to use their imagination and observing skill to have an overview of the sample picture. Then, they can begin to assemble the puzzle with memory, visualization and patience. Not only can this game improve kids’ IQ score, but it can also help enhance the mood and attitude.

Memory Development IQ Increasing Games

Finally, memory games can not be lacking from the list. They not only boost memory, but also advance focusing ability in children. Training memorizing skills is what almost all parents pay attention to when their child is in the early age. Let’s take a look at some suggested games below and save them to your list now!

Matching Game

Sample by ActivePresenter

First, we can’t help but mention the matching game. In this game, players will flip the cards in turn to find out the matching couple. What they need to do is to remember the flipped card position to save time. Besides practicing memory, players can gain reflex skills and time management while playing this game. It is also a wise choice for your eLearning course if you want to find interactive games to include in.

Missing Object Game

Sample by ActivePresenter

This brain training game is another suggestion when it comes to practice memory. In this game, you are given a limited time to memorize the objects’ positions. Later, they will be covered or exchanged. Your job is to figure out the right position of the asked object. The higher the level is, the more difficult it becomes. This is because there will be an increase in the distraction factors, which causes confusion for your brain. Therefore, this game is really a good choice for your children to exercise their brain both at home and in class.

A tale never loses in the telling

a brain training game to boost memory


The name of this game is really interesting, right? Basically, this game is about conveying information in the group so that the last person says the same thing as the first person. It can be in many forms like drawing, describing or facial expression. However, what is required in all forms is the players’ ability to remember and visualize the information. This can be a really fun game to stir up the class atmosphere. So, don’t hesitate to apply it in your lesson plan.

Final Thought

In conclusion, with the list above, you must have saved a treasure of IQ increasing game resources for your class. Do not think that playing games has a bad effect on young children. On the contrary, they will become useful tools if you learn and know how to use them properly. 

So, let’s try designing unique games for your lectures with ActivePresenter now! Follow us on our Blog and YouTube channel for more interesting eLearning content in educating the children.

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