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Examples of multiple choice exam does not limit to classic checkboxes, but to be diversified, covering both flexibility in paper and online exams.

Creating an exam full of multiple-choice examples can be a brain twist from time to time for test givers (and test takers too). Sticking with old-fashioned long walls of text multiple choice questions (MCQs) can cause repetitive tiredness, yet to reduce participants focus. 

With that being said, this blog presents a showcase of multiple choice examples for reference as the new tap to create a more comprehensive exam.

In order to smartly arrange the options, here are 2-3 basic rules to create a qualified quiz question: 

  • Avoid too extreme select option 
  • Make sure the correct answer is not outstanding, compared to others (in the same of length)
  • Giving other options as the distractors (close to correct one)  

10 Examples of Multiple Choice Exam

1. True/False or Yes/No Questions

This is the most classic question format with the least select options supplied. The reason is, this kind of question equals the chance of choosing the right or wrong answer in a binary format answer.

Here are the text-based and image-based questions layout for true/false question

true false example of multiple choice question

2. Single Multiple Choice

This example of single select multiple choice question is the most common and frequently used in exams since it can be applied regardless of exam form (online or offline). 

In this type of question, only one single answer is correct, test takers account for 25(or less) percentage of choosing correctly (If the options are higher than 4).

The most tricky of this question type is, the more answers it gives, the more distraction it spreads. 

Have you ever bumped into a question like “All answers above are correct”? If this option exists, it can be a sweet (or bitter) fruit, since you can fall into trap easily!

Single multiple choice question exam

3. Multiple Responses

Multiple responses come in similar formats like multiple choice. However, this question type uses checkboxes rather than radio buttons, implying that the correct answer(s) could be more than one.

If you have taken any exams in Coursera, Udemy or similar learning platform, you would find this feature is obviously distinctive.

For that reason, the correct percentage for this type of question is unpredictable.

multiple resonses example of multiple choice exam

4. Ranking Multiple Choice Questions (Sequence)

With this example of multiple choice exam questions, this by no means works as odd one(s) out, but to arrange the options in a suitable and logical order.

This ranking question type is most applied to a sequence, a procedure, a process, etc.

sequence multiple choice question example

5. Likert Scale (Rating Scale)

Normally, test givers apply this question not for assessing and evaluating, but to collect data and feedback purposes. 

This likert scale comes in different shapes and sizes, with different scales available. Among them, 5-element and 7-element are most frequently used. In short, 5-element scale is opt for measuring importance, while satisfaction is often applied in 7-element scale. 

Here to name 2 different formats of rating scale.

Single Likert Scale

It presents a small and quick 5s survey for a particular singular act with clear purposes. For example, it can be used to collect users’ satisfaction with a service, the effectiveness of a feature, and so on.

Single likert scale multiple choice example

Matrix Likert Scale

We can regard this example of multiple choice exam as multiple the single rating one. The goal of this questionnaire is to collect data, measure the satisfaction, and agree to the disagree level etc., of the subjects.

Matrix likert scale

6. Single Dropdown Multiple Choice Example

As a matter of fact, multiple choice is different from single dropdown in terms of formats only. That is, dropdown helps save space, literally – but in an online exam environment only.

7. Multiple Dropdowns

Multiple dropdowns can be presented in a ranking question, for example, rank the importance or priority level.

Multiple dropdown example

8. Slider Multiple Choice Questions

Slider shows its most potential in terms of finding a value in a range of numbers to an object. By doing so, it reduces the “lucky” chances for test takers since there are plenty of options. 

This example of multiple choice exam would be a favorable choice in years to come for teachers and test makers, when online exams are upgraded to the new level.


9. Drag and Drop the Order MCQs

Drag and Drop comes in many formats. It could be the sequence question to arrange the order, or match pictures with the right pair. 

This example of the multiple choice exam question only works with interactive features.

drag and drop question

10. Hotspot Multiple Choice Question

Hotspot works at its best when it goes with pictures. 

Applications of hotspot question could be a game (object finding game etc.) or an interactive explanation slide lesson (Anatomical etc.,).

hotspot question

Hotspot questions are not often available in normal quiz maker, in LMS quiz platforms, only exist in specified eLearning authoring tool, like ActivePresenter. That is, if you want to create a hidden game like we do, take a first visit of how powerful an eLearning authoring tool can do (free trial)

Banner ActivePresenter

Application of Multiple Choice Examples with Interactive Features

1. Happiness Test/Personality Test

You may once in a while take the multiple choice test to discover yourself or your capacity. That is, people often measure their life satisfaction, or happy degree through a happiness test. 

Wonder how to create this test with the eLearning authoring tool? Find out in this blog how to create the Oxford Happiness Test (link game to download available).

Design the question slide for the Happiness Test - Oxford Happiness Questionnaire
Happiness Test

2. Millionaire Game

Remake from a well-known TV program – the millionaire game. This game combines 15 examples of multiple choice questions with arising rewards. Let’s give this game a play below and see how much value you earn.

3. Spot the Differences

This game applies a hotspot format question. There are 5 differences in total. Can you find it all? (Answer is revealed at the end of the blog post).

A hotspot question sample

If you want to create a similar game like this, it is recommended heading to read how to create spot the differences game with ActivePresenter authoring tool.

Final Words

Exam’s evaluations are moving from traditional exams to online exams. The reason is, it is not just because of its results and report speed, but also in diversification examples of multiple choice exam questions, which paper exams lack.

This table summarizes the yes and no of format possibility between paper and online exams.

Question NamePaper ExamsOnline exams
True False Question
Single MCQ
Multiple Responses
Likert scale
Slider MCQs
Drag and Drop MCQs



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