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How does screencasting play important role in your business?

In recent years, the world has experienced a rapid rise of mobile technology, leading to a spectacular growth in video consumption. If you are running a business, using videos may become a must in your content marketing campaign.

We understand the power of creating epic videos to make clients’ products stand out, whatever an app, software or a website. This is one of the big reasons why we made ActivePresenter – a screencasting and eLearning authoring tool. You can take advantage of its powerful features in order for designing impressive video demoseffective software simulations, and interactive eLearning content.

5 ways that screencasting can double your productivity and promote your business you should know

1. Create video tutorial series to support customers

One of the best things of screencasting tools such as ActivePresenter is that you can record something once and share it every time. Thus, as a customer service staff or a developer, you can get the most out of this advantage to create a series of how-to videos about your product.

Let imagine how many times a day you have to answer the same question like “how do I install this app?”, what does exactly this tool work?” or “why can’t I insert a text box into my image?” etc. If you have ever suffered from that boring task, you can completely understand how great they are.


For example, you can use ActivePresenter to create a software simulation, export that video to MP4, and then upload it to YouTube. This makes easier for your audience to follow your instructions as well as save their time and yours. Besides, you don’t need to pick up every call and give them the same answer.

It is clear that using screencasts can help you to become more proactive and productive at work than before.

2. Revitalize your employee training programs

Recording the screen is a practical way to breathe new life into the process of your employee training and development. Especially, a perfect combination of screencasts and putting them into creative eLearning courses can improve employee engagement and retention, which allows you to boost the performance of your company.

To be specific, when using screencasts, it is unnecessary to meet your staff (new employees in particular) in person for explaining and answering their questions one by one. At the same time, they also can play, stop, and replay your recording whenever they want. For this reason, you can save money on onboarding and free up your time for other priorities.

3. Design an impressive promotional or demo video

If you are planning to launch a new big app or introduce some new features of your current software, a promotional or video demo seems to be the best choice to generate hype and get people excited about your upcoming release, just like movie trailers.


If used correctly, explainer videos, walkthroughs as well as video tutorials can create many touchpoints for your consumers, which leads to encouraging them to make a purchase.

4. Make your clients feel surprised with a video proposal

Traditional email proposals with a full of bullet points and words may no longer a good way to introduce your prospects to your new products. Instead, a vast number of marketers recognize that optimizing personalized videos could make their email stand out from the rest of pack. Just record a video and use storytelling techniques, you can communicate with your lead in a more creative way.

Always remember that the potential customers don’t want a hard sales pitch, they want to be enlightened and entertained.

5. Give others a concise explanation and feedback

Like video proposals, giving explanation and feedbacks as videos is also an ideal solution that could bridge the gaps in today’s globally connected workforce.

How you say is much more important than what you say. By using your voice and expressing your real feelings through video rather than forcing your customers to read unemotional long text messages, you can establish trust and credibility with them. For example:

–   In analytics companies, you can make use of screen recording software to explain the charts and data. This method is much more effective than a report or a phone call.


–   In copywriting agencies, you can use screencasts to explain the structure of a piece of your copy to a client instead of typing.

–   If you are a freelance web designer, you can utilize video capture software to clarify why tabs, text boxes, and images were placed in certain areas of the screen, and how they were created.

Once you know how to use screencasting tools for creating promo videos, demo videos or video tutorials, you can increase customer satisfaction and boost profitability for your company.

Begining by choosing best screencast software to boost up your business now with ActivePresenter 6

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