(Last Updated: October 19, 2018)

Freeze-Frames or Insert Time function is used when you want to have a silent time in a video or a project.  It serves as a powerful tool especially when you need some more time explaining your audiences the course content while not missing any piece of information. In this article, I will walk you through a step-by-step article showing how to do that with ActivePresenter – Great tool for interactive elearning authoring.

Insert Freeze-Frames

To insert a Freeze-Frame in ActivePresenter, do as followings:  

Step 1: Select Timestamp that you want to insert time. (1)

Step 2: Click the Insert Time icon. (2)

Then, you will see the Insert Time dialog pops up, take further steps bellow:

Step 3: Input number of freezing time. (3)

Insert Time

After that, you will see a yellow bar having a diamond appears in the Timeline host. During that range, the video will be frozen, no sound and actions taken place anymore. Take a step further to change its Start Time and Duration so as to precisely freeze the intended range:

Step 4: Adjust Start Time and Duration by dragging its diamond (4) and end edge. (5)

adjust time duration

You can add as many Freeze-Frames as you want by taking those steps again. (1), (2), (3)

Removing Freeze-Frames

You can delete any Freeze-Frame if you don’t want to have it anymore. ActivePresenter provides you two ways to do that:

  • Click the Yellow Bar and drag it downward out of the Timeline host. (6)

Keep dragging until the bar turns gray and release it.

remove freeze-frame

  • Or drag the end edge of the bar toward the diamond. (7)

Keep dragging till two of them meet.

remove freeze-frame-2

After the Freezing Frame is removed, your video will back to its original properties.

So, that’s how to insert and remove Freeze-Frames in ActivePresenter, hope that it helps.

Try it today and please feel free to contact us if you need more help.