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The website color scheme generator gives you the best color ideas for your design work. Let’s get inspired with the 4 following webpages for color palettes. 

“Standing on the shoulders of giants”, even great designers still have to leverage ideas from their fellow artists to generate stunning masterpiece works of art. Designers are always in need of fresh and original color ideas for their projects. They have to experience trial and error multiple times to make their work eye-catching to themselves and audience. For that reason, we compile 4 must-needed places for website color scheme generator you should have a look.

  1. Scheme Color
  2. Coolors
  3. ColorSpaces
  4. Happy Hues

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Let’s begin with each of these websites!

Website for Color Scheme Generator No.1: SchemeColor

When it comes to the best color scheme generator for websites, SchemeColor is truly a great place. Once you open the SchemeColor browser, you may get the feeling of walking into a color buffet, and it indeed is. SchemeColor displays a great number of color combinations and inspires your design work with color. You can rest assured to figure out your best-loved color mix for your design.

This website allows you to search for color palettes based on keywords you type in. Topics range from the weather (sunny, rainy,..), season (spring, summer, fall, winter) to national flags color and website color schemes. If you already created your account, you are able to design, download and share to other media platforms. 

For example, if you want to create a pink website color palette, type “Pink” in the search box. The results would show up as below:

pink color schemes

Have you got the feeling of looking at a color menu already? Not just that, when you left-click to choose any color scheme, it would display full-color codes for you with the view number. Whether it is RGB, CMYL, or HEX color, you only have to click to save it to the clipboard. In case you are not satisfied with the current color mix, there are related color palettes below for other references. 

Main Features

  • Ready-made color menu
  • Self-create color palettes
  • Save color palettes

Website for Color Scheme Generator No.2: Coolors.com

If you simply want to get inspiration from a random color mix and application of color combination theory as presented thoroughly in this article before, you definitely have to take a look at Coolors. Coolors will amaze you with countless random color matches only by entering the Space button. You can filter your search based on colors, styles, and topics. After completing sorting out your favorite color palettes, you save them in your library and divide into categories of running projects. Moreover, this website keeps you up-to-date about arising color palettes at a glance. Therefore, you will be aware of whether your color palettes are catching up with the design trend or not.

The color picker is another outstanding feature of this website color scheme generator. It would offer you the basic color theory and its efficiency in practice use. For instance, Vivid Blue, name code #10CCEE. Let’s see how this color can apply in reality.

blue palettes

This feature obviously reduces your time and effort when combining colors with no worry about picking unsuitable colors. Coolors also support finding color codes from existing pictures and recolor images as well. 

Main Features

  • Trending color palettes
  • Random color schemes generator
  • Color picker
  • Image picker & Recolor

Website for Color Scheme Generator No.3: Mycolor.space

It would be an omission when not mentioned to ColorSpace on the list. That is to say, it is an online generator giving amazing ideas for your website color scheme design. Opening ColorSpace, you will feel amazed by the website’s layout by combining on-trend gradient color with modern graphic design. ColorSpace is especially useful when you have one color in your mind, a color name code in your hand, but you are confused about how to find other colors that go well with it. This website gives you a solution to that.


Otherwise, this website supports seeing colors combine with each other in different angles such as right, left, top, bottom, top right, top left, bottom right, and bottom left. You feel free to mix and match 2 to 3 colors to create gradient colors as you prefer.

On top of that, designers could leverage this website with the 3-color-gradient feature. It let you pick the best background color for website CSS specially made for web developers. You will be given unlimited trial and error to mix and match.

Main Features

  • Color generator
  • Gradient generator
  • CSS code color

Website for Color Scheme Generator No.4: Happyhues.com

Last but not least, Happy Hues is one of the best color scheme generators for your website you should know. Though Happy Hues is a minimal website, but it offers all information you least need to know. The website gives you basic but core knowledge about the psychology of colors and how to apply them. By doing so, you could pick colors in a conscious way.

But that is not the main advantage feature of this website. Happy Hues’ main attribute is, to provide real-world examples of color match on interface. While ColorSpace gives you a platform to see how colors blend with each other in different angles, Happy Hues brings you a practical view to see how matching colors would work together.

It is obvious that picking good color schemes is necessary, but how colors are arranged on all platforms is also equally important. Therefore, Happy Hues displays a mock layout and lists all color codes for every element from the background to small details like button and stroke. Happy Hues is truly a website color scheme generator to everyone’s taste. For example, if you would like to choose purple as the main theme for your education website, Happy Hues gives an example with full-color codes for you. This definitely relieves your burden when choosing color schemes for your website.

purple website

Main Features:

  • Mock display with color
  • Color code for every element on the interface
  • Color basic terminology
  • Psychology of color

Apply Color Schemes in ActivePresenter

Got inspired by the best website color scheme generators above? Now, let’s take ActivePresenter to do some practices. ActivePresenter offers a complete eLearning solution for your projects. Colors in ActivePresenter are logically designed in a convenient way to use. To reduce time and effort, we encourage you to apply Theme Colors. You choose Design on the menu bar and click Colors. It would display a drop-down list of ready-made color schemes. By doing so, it will free you from the headache of picking colors. For any existing color schemes you do not prefer, you can create your own color themes. After. clicking, the window would show up as below:

Theme colors

The sample chart shows the result of your color selection. In detail, 

  • Accent 1: Default fill color for shapes, icons, buttons, checkmarks in checkboxes, and dots in radio buttons.
  • Accent 2,3,4,5: For Correct, Incorrect, Incomplete, and Timeout messages respectively.
  • Accent 6, 7, 8: Use for your own purposes.

From these 4 website color scheme generator above, you could apply the Theme Colors here by selecting the color you prefer for each element to create your own color theme. If you are not familiar with this function, we advise you to read How to work with Theme Colors first, then use this article to practice after grasping the theory.

Final Words

We’ve highlighted 4 places to help you find the best color scheme generator. Particularly, you can generate color schemes from websites interchangeably whenever you need a wind of change for color usage. We do believe that you will be satisfied with these 4 color palette generator websites and benefit from them.

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