(Last Updated: March 23, 2017)

May 24, 2016.

We are excited to announce that:

ActivePresenter 6 – Best Screen Recorder – Video Editor & Interactive elearning authoring software is now available!

The new features and enhancements offer practical options in creating interactive training contents, allow you to enhance the look and feel of your training contents and utilizing the emerging eLearning standard xAPI (also known as Tin Can API).

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Read on for some of the new key features below:

Note: Refer to ActivePresenter 6.0 release notes for more details.

Slide Pools and Slide Randomization

With Slide Pools and Slide Randomization feature, ActivePresenter 6 allows you to create a quiz with random questions from question banks. Slide Pools actually is an advanced design of question bank. The greatest difference is that Slide Pool content does not limit to only questions but also cover any supported slide objects (video, audio,..).

You can also create multiple pools, import pools from other projects, move slides between pools and main slide list.



New question editing features

More functionalities in interaction editing help you to leverage your eLearning content authoring process. You can choose between either Graded Mode or Survey Mode for questions depending on whether you are testing or collecting learners’ feedbacks.

Save more time on dealing with arranging contents and adjusting size and positions of objects with automatic content adjusting feature. This will also help you to have more suitable and consistent content across slides and projects.

Video blur effects

This maybe the most desired feature for ActivePresenter users who are doing screencast with full motion video. Recorded videos may contain sensitive information that you don’t want others to see. In these cases, you can use the new video blur effect to hide such information but still make your videos look engaged.

Key frame feature of blur effect will help you totally avoid the case of working on every video frame to insert a new blur effect when the sensitive information area is changing dynamically.



YouTube and Web Object annotations

If you want to use videos in your content but the bandwidth or storage of your system is limited, let the YouTube object take its role. You can simply put the YouTube link in your slides and the HTML5 output will present it to your viewers. It is like what you see when a website embed YouTube videos in it.
Web Object annotation takes another important role. Content of web pages (layout, animations …) might be very plentiful and not always well represented by traditional objects in ActivePresenter. Web Object allows you to embed any web page or HTML code to your contents by putting its URL in your slides.



New HTML5 player with customizable colors and buttons

The Modern HTML5 player now offers a wide variety of modifications ranging from colors to being able to add and remove any buttons or controlling the volume.

Playback speed button allows viewers to change playback speed while viewing.
Buttons and controls are also made larger on mobile devices so viewers can easily interact with.



Highest quality content by using SVG, CSS3, HTML5

Employing the power of modern technologies (SVG, CSS3, HTML5), contents created with ActivePresenter looks clear and sharp on every modern browser. No blurriness exists in text or shapes when contents are scaled to fit viewing devices.
Your contents not only load faster but also run more smoothly.
Here are two screenshots of the same output when viewing at different scales.




xAPI is commonly considered the successor to SCORM. It is being widely adopted by many companies, eLearning systems and is becoming the must-have feature for every modern eLearning authoring tool.
With ActivePresenter 6, contents can be packaged following xAPI specification. This feature along with Slide Pools and rich interaction options provide you a powerful solution for authoring eLearning assessments.

ActivePresenter, the powerful screencasting and eLearning authoring tool, is all you need to create your professional quality training contents.

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