ActivePresenter 9

ActivePresenter provides all the tools you need for multiple eLearning purposes such as creating interactive slide-based courses, software simulations, assessments, educational games, and training videos.

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Saola Animate 3

Create HTML5 animations and interactive content which run on any platform and device without coding skills.

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Screencasting & eLearning

What are Pros and Cons of Online Exams?

What are Pros and Cons of Online Exams?

It’s a breakthrough when it comes to teaching, learning, and taking exams online. However, many people are still wondering whether to choose online tests or not. If so, let’s explore the pros and cons of online exams in today’s blog.

Best Blur Tool: Top 7 for Video Editing

Best Blur Tool: Top 7 for Video Editing

Struggling not to know how to blur the censored parts in your video? Then, this article is definitely what you are looking for with the 7 best blur background app suggestions to simplify your video editing.

HTML5 Animation

Adding HTML Widgets

You can use HTML widgets to load external URLs or display embedded HTML and SVG images. In today’s tutorial, you’ll learn to use HTML widgets.

Using Flexible Layout

Flexible layout uses relative units and different types of positioning to adapt the document content to the browser window size. This tutorial shows you how to use flexible layout to relatively position and resize elements.

Creating HTML5 Animation

It’s simple to create HTML5 animation and interactive web content with Saola Animate. The software provides a powerful set of animation features that ease the animation task. At the same time, it lets you do the most common interactivity without coding.