(Last Updated On: December 13, 2022)

You have many PowerPoint files and want to reuse them in ActivePresenter projects, but you don’t know how. Don’t worry. This tutorial will show you how to import PowerPoint presentations into ActivePresenter 9.

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As you know, there are several ways to create a new project in ActivePresenter 9. For example, create a project from a blank one, themes/templates, or video files. Meanwhile, importing PowerPoint is the method of creating a project by using available PowerPoint representation. ActivePresenter 9 allows you to import PowerPoint slides into the app to create a new project. 

Import PowerPoint Files to ActivePresenter

You can import PowerPoint slides directly into ActivePresenter 9 even if your computer doesn’t have Microsoft PowerPoint installed. Do either of the following ways to have it done:

  • On the Start Page, click Import PowerPoint > browse and select the PowerPoint file you want to import.
Import PowerPoint presentations
  • In the workspace, click the ActivePresenter button (1) > Import PowerPoint (2) > select the PowerPoint file on your computer.
ActivePresenter > Import PowerPoint

Customize Imported Slides

After importing the file, ActivePresenter 9 will launch a new project which includes all slides of the PowerPoint presentation. Each PowerPoint slide becomes an ActivePresenter one. It means you can work with the imported slides as usual. In particular, it’s able to use tools and commands to edit them and their content, for example: 

  • Copying, cutting, or deleting slides, 
  • Splitting and merging slides, 
  • Changing slide transition effects, and more.

Note: ActivePresenter 9 cannot handle the *.odp files created by OpenOffice and LibreOffice. You need to convert these files to pptx files first, then import them into ActivePresenter 9. 

So now, you have learned how to import PowerPoint presentations into ActivePresenter 9 to create a new project.

Download ActivePresenter 9 and get started.

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