(Last Updated On: August 31, 2018)

October 18, 2012.

We are pleased to announce that ActivePresenter 3.6 is now available.

ActivePresenter 3.6 focuses on performance and usability improvements. It introduces new features like instant audio/video segmentation, range editing,… which will dramatically reduce your time and effort when creating high quality screencasts, software interactive demos and corporate training contents.

With new video codecs, you can now record full motion video directly to MPEG-1 or MPEG-2. These are lossy codecs but are very suitable for recording long session or movie/streaming video with high compression speed and small file size in exchange for a very negligible quality loss.

New features & Enhancements:

  • Capture:
    • Add 2 new lossy video codecs for encoding full motion video: MPEG-1 & MPEG-2 (Capture Profile Editor -> FMR/Audio tab)
    • Easily format and style auto-generated annotation text using HTML tags (Preferences -> Auto Annotation Text)
    • Option to copy settings from current capture profiles when creating new capture profile
    • Option to disable the use of OLE Automation when getting size and location of captured interactions when capturing MS Office (Capture Profile Editor -> Annotation)
    • Remove the options to capture based on mouse or keyboard events. AP will now always capture on any key/mouse events. The Annotation tab is also rearranged to allow selectively insertion of key/mouse interactions or annotations
  • Logical segmentation of audio and video: You can now split, merge, copy, cut, join audio and video objects instantly, the actual splitting/merging will only be done when exporting final project
  • Easily adjust volume for audio and video: This is useful when there are many overlapping audio
  • Lots of new features and improvements in the Timeline:
    • Cut/Copy/Delete selected range
    • Crop to selected range
    • Split/Join audio/video instantly
    • Split slide
    • Show/Hide, Lock/Unlock all objects at once
    • Record audio narration while previewing: Easy to sync narrated voice with other audio/video
    • Render actual audio waveform for easier and more accurate manipulation of audio
    • Insert objects at editing timestamp by pasting clipboard or dropping external files (image, audio, video files) on the Canvas
    • Scroll horizontally using Shift + Mouse wheel
    • Select contiguous objects by holding Shift + Mouse Click on the left column
    • Select range by holding Shift + Mouse Click
    • More convenient editing with many new hotkeys and object timing display: Refer to the User Manual for more details
  • Audio & Video Editor dialogs are now deprecated: Audio/video editing will be performed directly on the Timeline
  • Audio Calibration: Allow changing the volume of currently selected recording device
  • Improve Canvas Preview performance
  • Display slide duration in Slide Thumbnail panel
  • Insert audio/video directly from file when using icons in Toolbar or using Menu
  • Canvas & Timeline Snapping: arrange objects more precise and easier
  • Insert audio/video directly from file when using icons in Toolbar or using Menu
  • Improvements in Resource panels:
    • Allow user to select all unused resources with one click
    • Smoother scrolling while viewing image/video thumbnails
  • Better shrink project functionality:
    • Shrink function is now moved to Project menu for faster access
    • Option to remove unused resources automatically
  • Ajax Simulation:
    • Reduce preloading time
    • Reduce flickering when changing slides
    • New index page design
    • More options in Template Parameters dialog to set initial state of: closed captions, audio, show/hide slide list
  • Flash Simulation:
    • New index page design
    • More options in Template Parameters dialog to set initial state of: closed captions, audio
  • Various audio/video processing improvements
  • Usability improvements: More convenient hotkeys for common operations in the Canvas

Bugs fixed:

  • Fix a bug in Manual Proxy Configuration dialog
  • Various minor bugs fixed

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