(Last Updated On: August 24, 2017)

This is the last article in the ActivePresenter 7 new features and enhancements introducing series. It lists out some more changes that, together with additions mentioned in previous articles, will make ActivePresenter 7 become a more professional screen recording and eLearning authoring tool.  

Let’s check it out and count down to the day when ActivePresenter 7 will come on stage.

1. Object Templates

ActivePresenter 7 will replace Library in the Resources pane with Object Template, which is more powerful and easier to use. It comprises objects and object groups with their properties, including layouts, colors, styles, fonts, and contents. During the working process with ActivePresenter, you can move any object such as shapes, text captions, audio/video clips, and images to Object Template for re-using them later. In addition, there will be many types of free Object Templates on our website that you can utilize.

Object Template

2. More Object Animation Effects

When it comes to the learner engagement, object animation effects really work. In the new release of ActivePresenter, more appealing animation effects will come in hand.

Firstly, Entrance effects control how an object starts showing. These effects take place at the time where the object starts to display. For example, an object will move slowly into a slide with a Float In effect.

Entrance effect

On the other hand, Exit effects control how an object disappears. They take place at the time when the object starts hiding and end at the time when the object completely disappears. For example, with the Zoom Out effect, an object will gradually scale down and disappear.

Exit effect

3. Emphasis and Motion Path Effects

Emphasis effects animate objects which are already on a slide. These effects make an object change its size or transparency, shake, or spin on its center.

Motion Path effects move objects already on a slide along a predetermined path, like a line, circle, or a star. You can also draw your own motion path with the Custom Path tool.

New features-Emphasis and motion path

4. More Slide Transition Effects

ActivePresenter 7 will bring a wide range of slide transition effects up to date. They indicate the end of one slide and the beginning of another. Slide transition acts as an entrance effect applied to an entire slide. You can definitely control the style and speed of them to let slides display more attractively to learners.

5. Freeform Shape Drawing

One of the worthy changes in ActivePresenter 7 that will power your creativity is Freeform Drawing. Line, Curve, Freeform Shape, and Freeform Scribble altogether allow you to draw your own lines and shapes. Specifically, the Freeform Shape drawing tool has a dual capability as you can draw both curves and straight lines easily. You can edit the shapes that you’ve drawn, which is appealing. This means you can change a shape’s appearance after drawing it by dragging or editing its anchor points.

ActivePresenter-Freeform drawing

6. Group and Ungroup Objects

Grouping will be a new and handy feature in ActivePresenter 7, helping you to work with a project faster than ever before. Thanks to that, you can move, resize, rotate or change other properties of multiple objects simultaneously as if they were a single object. This will surely streamline your workflow, especially when your project has small and related objects.

Group-ungroup Objects

7. Line Spacing & Paragraph Spacing

Line Spacing and Paragraph Spacing will be two functional tools that allow you to adjust the space between lines in a paragraph and between paragraphs easily. You can reduce the line spacing to fit more lines on a slide, or increase it to improve readability. ActivePresenter 7 will offer you preset spacing options so that you can make your project look better well organized. Of course, you can still manually adjust the line spacing with no less than precision.

Enhancements-Line spacing

8. 64-bit Only & Performance Improvement

The last but not least important upgrade in ActivePresenter 7 is native 64-bit only support. ActivePresenter will no longer support 32-bit OSes. This will allow you to optimize RAM, making your work much faster and more efficient. So, even when you are working with many files simultaneously, you don’t have to worry about working speed reduction or crash.

In conclusion, we have come through four Introducing ActivePresenter 7 articles so far:

All of the most worthy additions and changes in ActivePresenter 7 have been revealed to you. Don’t forget that ActivePresenter 7 will be released very soon. Follow our blog and stay tuned with us to become the first to experience it.