ActivePresenter 9

ActivePresenter provides all the tools you need for multiple eLearning purposes such as creating interactive slide-based courses, software simulations, assessments, educational games, and training videos.

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Saola Animate 3

Create HTML5 animations and interactive content which run on any platform and device without coding skills.

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How to Create Picture Reveal Game in ActivePresenter 8

How to Create Picture Reveal Game in ActivePresenter 8

Picture Reveal Game is a popular game that consists of 4 puzzle pieces covering a complete picture. To get clues, players have to answer corresponding questions on the board correctly. Their job is to try to open the pieces to guess what the picture is.

Create Color Patterns Game in ActivePresenter 8

Create Color Patterns Game in ActivePresenter 8

Color Patterns Game is an engaging activity that helps kids to practice identifying patterns and colors in a fun way. Through this game, kids learn how to make predictions and see relationships between abstract concepts. In this blog post, let’s learn how to create this amusing game in ActivePresenter 8.

HTML5 Animation

Adding Videos to HTML5 Animation

Using the HTML5 video element, adding videos to your page is as simple as adding images with no third-party plug-ins or player applications. Today’s tutorial will show you how to add video to HTML5 animation.

Moving, Copying, and Removing Animation Keyframes

Animation keyframes play a crucial role in creating HTML5 animation in Saola Animate. In the previous tutorial, you’ve learned how to create animation keyframes. This tutorial will show you how to move, copy, and remove animation keyframes.

Using Google Fonts

Hundreds of beautiful Google fonts are now available in Saola Animate. This tutorial shows you how to use Google fonts in your document.