(Last Updated On: October 19, 2018)

Feb 29, 2012.

We are pleased to announce that ActivePresenter 3.2 is now available.

With new features and lots of usability improvements, ActivePresenter 3.2 will continue to improve your productivity when doing screen recording, creating software demo, software manual, making impressive screencasts or SCORM-compliant elearning materials for corporate online training.

New features & Enhancements:

  • New Zoom-n-Pan mechanism which supports multiple Zoom-n-Pans in one slide
  • Insert object at the specified timestamp
  • Click Sound for cursor path and interactive objects
  • Allow slide objects to have attached audio
  • Enable dragging from Library to Canvas to create slide object:
    • Dragging image, audio, video
    • Dragging style to create shape
  • Enable dragging image, audio, video files from computer to canvas
  • Preview a range in Timeline: User can select a range in Timeline to preview in a loop
  • Add “Zoom all” button to Timeline which will automatically adjust zoom factor to fit the longest bar in the available width
  • Add “Edit Gradient” button to Properties panel for easily editing the gradient stops
  • Show object preview when selecting Show/Hide Object in Event Editor
  • Display slide name in “Go To Slide” dialog
  • Small icons below the slide thumbnails allow user to know at a glance which types of objects (audio, video, cursor and question) are there in the slide
  • Improve cursor path editing with curve or straight cursor path
  • Change slide by clicking ontimeline (when showing all slides)
  • “Balloon” object is now named “Shape”
  • Display number of slides and total duration in project properties dialog

Bugs fixed:

  • Sequence question in Ajax: cannot drag & drop answers on IE 9
  • No toolbars are displayed when creating new blank project
  • Open projects from older versions: text of shapes are overflowed
  • Some other minor bugs

Download Now to have a look and feel! It’s Free!