(Last Updated On: October 19, 2018)

June 07, 2012.

We are pleased to announce that ActivePresenter 3.5 is now available.

With new features like transition effects and lots of usability improvements, ActivePresenter 3.5 will continue to improve your productivity when doing screen recording, creating software demo, software manual, making impressive screencasts or SCORM-compliant elearning materials for online training.

New features & Enhancements:

  • Capture:
    • Onscreen feedback/status: elapsed time, frames per second, input audio signal meter, quick buttons…
    • Support capturing with keyboards which use dead keys for entering diacritics like German, French, Spanish, and Latvian…
  • Obfuscation/Blur tool in Image Editor: easily erases sensitive information in captured images
  • Transition Effects for Objects: Entry-Exit transitions: Fade, Fly, Peek, Wipe
  • Slide Transition Effects: Fade, Fly, Wipe
  • Shadow Effect: Allow objects to have 3D shadow effect
  • Video Freeze-Frame: Allow user to temporarily pause a video for a specified duration so additional explanations/annotations can be added to explain the video in more details
  • Spell Checker: Check spelling while editing shapes and closed captions: Support multiple languages: English (US), English (UK), English (Australia), German, Spanish, Czech, Polish and Vietnamese
  • Text To Speech: Convert text to speech using Microsoft SAPI, user can use any SAPI TTS engine installed on their computer to convert text to speech easily
  • Action Feedback Control: displays detail information about action being performed (clicking, typing)
  • Audio calibration before recording
  • Editor:
    • Save slide as image at the current timestamp
    • Re-arrange the menu system for quick and easy access
    • Save panel position customization across all projects
    • Change “Library” panel to “Resources” panel; Change the term “Template” to “Library”
  • Improve Video/Flash Video Export:
    • Generate separate subtitle file (using SubRip SRT format: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SubRip) for both Video and Flash Video export
  • Improve Player for Ajax & Flash:
    • Customizable player skin
    • Make language selection when exporting Ajax like when exporting Flash
  • Various audio/video quality improvements
  • New Language: Polish
  • New and improved user manual: The new user manual has carefully rewritten to help both new and current users easily get the most out of ActivePresenter’s advanced features

Bugs fixed:

  • Password field does not working when export to Video/Flash Video
  • Various bugs fixed

Download Now to have a look and feel! It’s Free!