(Last Updated: June 1, 2018)

Gesture effects are what you need when creating tutorials based on mobile and touch devices. They are visual effects that simulate taps, swipes, pinches, and the like in your demonstration.

Adding Gesture Effects

Gesture effects are animations for touches, swipes, and pinches. They look like animated GIF images which show how the viewer interacts with the software on the touch screen.

gesture effects 01

To insert a gesture effect, go to the Annotations tab > Gesture Effects.

gesture effects 02

ActivePresenter provides 14 touchscreen gestures as shown below:

gesture effects 03

After inserting a gesture effect, you can:

  • Position the effect: On the Canvas, click and drag the effect to where the touch event should take place.
  • Perfect the timing: In the Timeline pane, click and drag the gesture effect’s Time Bar along the timeline so that the effect happens at the correct time.
  • Change the color: In the Properties pane > Size & Properties > Gesture Effects, click the Color Picker to select a new color. You can also adjust the transparency of the effect using the Opacity slider.

gesture effects 04

  • Replace the effect: Select a new gesture effect from the Type drop-down list to replace an existing one.

Use touchscreen gestures to let your viewer know exactly where and when touch events take place in your demonstration. Hope that this helps.

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