(Last Updated: January 15, 2019)

Generally, Equation is one of new handy functions that ActivePresenter brings to you. With it, you can insert common mathematical equations or build up your own equations by using a gallery of math symbols. Let’s see how to work with this function in today’s tutorial.

Inserting Equation

ActivePresenter gives you two ways to insert an equation. Go to the Home tab > Equation or go to the Annotations tab > Equation.

Go to the Annotations tab and select Equation.

Then, click the drop-down arrow, a list of default formulas and equations will be shown. You can select the default one or create the new one depending on your demands.

Click the drop-down arrow, a list of default formulas and equations will be shown.

After selecting, the selected formula will display on the Canvas in a gray rectangle. For example, if you select Quadratic Formula, it will appear on the Canvas like this:

Quadratic Formula is shown on the Canvas.

Click anywhere in this gray rectangle that you want to edit or rewrite.

Creating Equation        

As mentioned before, ActivePresenter lets you create your own equations. There are two ways to build it up as well. Do one of the followings:

  • Click the Insert New Equation option from the bottom of Equation gallery.
  • Click the π (pi) icon in the tabbed toolbar.

Then, a rectangle with green dots appears on the Canvas like this:

A rectangle with green dots appearing on the Canvas allows you to type your own equations.

You can start typing immediately to start your equation or select symbols from the ActivePresenter equation gallery. Now, the tabbed toolbar shows two groups. The first one is symbol group. Click the drop-down arrow to reveal a list of visual options. Hover the mouse over each symbol to know its name.

Mathematical symbols

On the right, the second one contains 11 structures including Fraction, Script, Radical, Integral, Large Operator, Bracket, Function, Accent, Limit and Log, Operator, and Matrix. Click the drop-down arrow below each structure to see more symbols.

Mathematical structures

Select the suitable structures and symbols to build up your own equation.

That’s how to insert Equation in ActivePresenter 7. From now on, you can insert equation or create your own equation easily. Hope this is helpful. Contact us if you need any help.