(Last Updated: June 27, 2019)

In the previous tutorial, you’ve known how to use the Slide Pools feature which helps create question pools. Now let’s learn ways to draw questions from question pools to create random questions. This can be done using the Random Slide feature.

Overview of Random Slides

In ActivePresenter, random slides display slides that are randomly selected from a question pool to which they are linked. Using them, you can easily create different versions of the same quiz, which avoids predictability. Below is an example of  a quiz using random slides:

An example of Random slide

Compared with normal slides, random slides have some differences:

  • You can’t see random slides when you preview projects in browsers or view the HTML5 output. In fact, they are replaced by slides in the linked pools.
  • Random slides don’t have the same properties as normal slides. Rather, they just include a property which indicates the linked pool.
  • The timing of random slides is that of slides at run time.
  • You neither insert anything into random slides nor insert random slides into Slide Masters.

Working with Random Slides

Insert a Random Slide

In ActivePresenter, a random slide is inserted as a new slide. To add a random slide, in the Slide tab > Random Slide Using Random Slides. Then, you see the random slide like this.

Using Random Slides

As being seen, the random slide has gray background and labeled as “Random Slide”. By default, the random slide is linked to “Pool 1”, but you can change it later. 


  • You can add as many random slides to a project as you want.
  • If you wish to create a random quiz with n questions, you have to add n random slides.

Draw Slides from Slide Pools

In the Create Question Pools tutorial, you’ve known that slide pools contain slides. If you wish to show these slides in the output, you need to use random slides. Follow below steps to do that:

Step 1:  In the Slides pane, select one or more random slides.

Step 2: In the Properties pane > Linked Pool > select a pool from the Linked Pool drop-down list.

Using Random Slides

Note: You must create slide pools first. Then, these pools appear in the Linked Pool drop-down list.

Tip: When randomizing questions, it’s better to ensure each learner get a quiz that is equally difficult. To do this, set the difficulty level for each question. Then, sort questions based on their degree of difficulty into separate pools. This way, you can have individual pools for each difficulty level with a certain number of questions, such as 10 difficult questions, 10 moderate ones, and 10 easy ones.

Set difficulty level for each question

Delete Random Slides

To remove random slides from the Slides pane, do either of the following:

  • Select random slides and press the DELETE key on the keyboard.
  • Right-click random slides > Delete.

Now you’ve learnt how to use random slides in ActivePresenter 7. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any help.