Tutorials & Tips about Screencasting, HTML5 Animation Creation & Rapid eLearning Authoring

We write tutorials, guides and tips about screencasting, video editing, rapid HTML5 elearning authoring and HTML5 animation creation.

Using Motion Paths in Animations

Saola Animate brings your website to life with HTML5 animation and interactive web content. Today’s tutorial describes how to create motion paths to mimic real-life motions, giving objects the illusion of life.

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Creating eLearning Games 06: Race to the Treasure

Race to the Treasure has been known as one of the popular games that many people love. Today, we’ll go through the detailed procedure to create this eLearning game with all-in-one screen recorder, video editor and eLearning authoring software – ActivePresenter 7.

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Creating Manufacturing Operations Manual: How Pencils Are Made?

The operations manual can be a great source of learning materials for learners to grasp a procedure. Therefore, they can understand how a product is made without actually practicing it, which may be too expensive or time-consuming. This article will show you how to create an operations manual of the pencil making, with just one tool – ActivePresenter 7.

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Adding Videos to HTML5 Animation

Using the HTML5 video element, adding videos to your page is as simple as adding images with no third-party plug-ins or player applications. Today’s tutorial will show you how to add video to HTML5 animation.

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Create Question Pools

You can use the Slide Pools feature to create question pools. Using question pools is good to randomize the order of questions in any quiz.

Using Random Slides

In ActivePresenter, the Random Slide feature is meant for making random questions. So, you can easily create different versions of the same quiz.

The Best Tools for Creating Video Tutorials for Mac OS X

How is it important to have a tool for creating video tutorials for Mac OS X?  As you may know, Windows is the most popular operation system around the globe. However, MAC OS is proven that it is one of the most secured, wonderful system created by Apple, based at...

How to Edit Recorded Videos

After recording, you can edit recorded videos (also screencasts) right inside ActivePresenter. Learn video editing features to do that in this tutorial.

How to Make Amazing Video Tutorials with ActivePresenter?

Pick up a professional tool for making Video tutorials first ActivePresenter is a powerful screen recording and interactive eLearning authoring tool that allows designing comprehensive eLearning contents, making effective and intensive video tutorials, demonstrations,...
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