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Creating Responsive Projects in ActivePresenter 7

Responsive design – one of the most important new features in ActivePresenter 7 allows you to create a single project which displays perfectly on any devices with different screen sizes.
It’s critical especially in creating eLearning contents since you can create a project with multiple layouts and let it play on various platforms. You don’t have to redo fixed desktop projects when they need to be done and viewable on the mobile device or so.

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4 Core Benefits of eLearning Quizzes

As an essential part of eLearning courses, quizzes do good to both educators and learners. How so? Keep reading to learn four core benefits of eLearning quizzes together with secret tips to design appealing and successful quizzes.

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Record System Audio and Microphone Audio

This article will show you how to record system audio and record microphone audio. They are two of the most important features that professional screencasting software like ActivePresenter must have. Thanks to that, you can record your narration and system audio (from the speaker) simultaneously or separately; it all depends on your need.  

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Recording Webcam in ActivePresenter 7

With ActivePresenter 7, you can record webcam and screen simultaneously, which is critical in creating video demonstrations. This is also a handy feature for creating how-to videos or interactive eLearning courses where visible instructions needed.

Besides, ActivePresenter 7 also allows you to record webcam and save videos to use in your projects.

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Creating Software Simulations

ActivePresenter 7 – one of the best tools for interactive software simulation allows you to record any application on screen and save the process as a project with slides. These slides clearly show the procedure you have taken with the software. Besides, HTML5 output that allows learner interactions, provides instant feedback will help them learn how to use the software more effectively.

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Text Editing in ActivePresenter

Text is an indispensable part of a presentation, and writing text within a geometrical object is one of the most common tasks in presentation design.  For this reason, ActivePresenter provides various types of objects that have the ability to contain text, such as...

Reuse HTML5 Animation by Creating and Using Symbols in Saola Animate

Animation symbol is a powerful resource you often use when creating HTML5 animation. It allows you to easily reuse elements, timelines, animations, etc. This article describes the steps to create animation symbols in Saola Animate. Also, you’ll learn how to edit, export, and import animation symbols.

Splitting and Merging Slides

Sometimes in creating and editing projects, you might want to split one slide into multiple slides or merges multiple slides into one while keeping all of their objects’ effects and attributes. ActivePresenter - The best interactive eLearning authoring tool allows you...

Working with Cursor Paths  

Cursor Path in ActivePresenter enables you to simulate clicking and mouse movements, which is extremely useful for software training and simulations. Let’s take a look at this tool in the tutorial below. Add Cursor Paths There are two ways to insert cursor path into a...

Introducing ActivePresenter 7 User Interface

ActivePresenter 7 has a newly designed user interface. It’s now flat and streamlined. In this article, I’ll give you a brief overview of ActivePresenter 7 user interface. Thus, you can find it easier to get started with the app.

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