(Last Updated: April 23, 2017)

Recording system audio and audio from microphone are the most important features that professional screencasting software like ActivePresenter must have. Thanks to that, you can record your narration and system audio simultaneously during the capturing. And through this article, we will understand how to get it done.

1. Start to Capture

Step 1: Click New Capture (1) on the Welcome Screen.

New capture

choose capture profile

2. Record audio from microphone

Take further steps below to record audio from your microphone.

Step 2: In the Capture New Project dialog that appears, access the device drop-down list under the Audio Input section (3) and choose one of audio input devices detected.

Step 3: Change the input audio volume level by dragging the volume scale. (4)

record audio from microphone

Step 4: Test the sound before actually capturing.

To test the sound, speak something on the microphone while dragging the slider (4) to the left or right to change the audio input volume.

Keep dragging until the volume scale displays in yellow signal since, at that level, the volume is high enough for recording.

If the volume slider displays the red or green color signal, you should decrease or increase the input volume respectively.

There is another way to calibrate the sound:                              

  • Go to click the More Options icon (5) at the bottom right corner of the dialog.
  • And click Calibrate Audio Input. (6)
  • You can choose to calibrate audio input either manually or automatically, then do the same as before.

calibrate audio

Step 5 (Optional): Take further advanced settings on audio recording.

If you don’t want to have these more advanced settings, just skip this step and jump to next steps.

  • Click More Option (5)
  • Click Audio and Video settings. (7)
  • Change some values under the Audio Settings section (8) in the Capture Profile Editor window that pops up.

audio settings

In case that you want to know more in details about these settings, you can refer to the tutorial Working with Capture Profile Editor on our website.

3. Record system audio

Now, in order to record system audio while recording your screen, you just need to click the Record System Audio checkbox (9) in the Capture New Project window.

record system audio

The volume of the system audio can be changed easily by using the Adjust Volume tool on your computer.

Remember that when you select to record system audio, all of the sounds including app notifications will be recorded. So, you should turn off notification sounds of unused apps to avoid any undesired sound.

Finally, click Start Capture button (10) to start recording your screen along with audio.

So, that’s how to record system audio and audio from microphone in ActivePresenter. Try it and let us know if you need help.

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