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We write tutorials, guides and tips about rapid interactive HTML5 elearning authoring.

9 Common Mistakes Can Ruin Survey Results

A survey is a popular tool to collect information, opinions, and feedback from respondents. A qualitative survey can benefit so much, but a bad one can destroy the data. Thus, this blog will reveal to you 9 common mistakes that can ruin survey results.

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Benefits Animation Brings to E-courses (With Examples)

Ease of access is one of the online training advantages. This method allows learners to study anytime and anywhere. However, this benefit also comes with a disadvantage. That is, it is easy to become distracted during an online learning session. How can course creators keep learners focused and maintain their motivation during an e-course? Fortunately, animation in eLearning can help resolve this issue.

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Best eLearning Authoring Software for Mac in 2021

Windows and macOS are probably the two most popular operating systems nowadays. However, not all eLearning authoring software can run on both these operating systems. So, if you are a Mac user, read on to find out the best eLearning authoring software for Mac in today’s blog post.

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5 Tips to Write Assessments Effectively

This blog introduces you to 5 tips to write assessments effectively which are defining the number of questions, creating qualitative question content, writing short questions, using simple language and using images as answers.

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Top 9 Things to Consider when Choosing an eLearning Authoring Tool

To create online courses, you need an eLearning authoring tool. The thing is, with a wide array of apps in the market, it can be a challenge for you to pick the right one. Here are 9 things that will help you to make a better choice when purchasing an eLearning authoring tool.

Why ActivePresenter is the Best Choice for eLearning Design

Many users often use ActivePresenter to record screen and edit videos. But the app has another powerful capability which surprises you for sure. It is designing professional and impressive eLearning courses. In this article, I’ll give you convincing reasons why you should choose ActivePresenter for eLearning design. Also, you can find some useful tutorials to get started on designing eLearning courses.

The Art of Using Fonts in eLearning Design

Great fonts (also known as typography) in eLearning design can make your course content alive, thus boosting learning results. Having these in mind, here is a list of 6 easy-peasy rules that you can check when working with fonts.

e-flashcard and Its Benefits in eLearning

If you have been concerned about creating an eLearning course containing an activity that promotes learner’s retention and excitement, then e-flashcard is the answer.

Top Free Stock Image Sites for Video Editing & eLearning Design

Discover best free stock image sites for editing videos and designing eLearning contents. Some of them are almost free to use with high-quality images.

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