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The tenth question type ActivePresenter 9 provides you is the Essay question. This question gives learners the freedom to raise their voices. Let’s learn how to create it in this article.  

In ActivePresenter 9, an Essay question has two main parts: 

  • A question or a description that asks learners what they have to do;
  • A multiple-line text box which allows learners to type their answers in.

An Essay question doesn’t consist of any predefined answer option or dropdown list for learners to select because of its nature. In this question, learners are required to express their understanding freely by their own words and write it down into the text box logically.  

Essay question

This tutorial will show you how to create an Essay question through 6 stages: 

 Let’s start right now!

Insert an Essay Question

 To insert an Essay question, do either of the following: 

  • Open the Questions tab > Essay
  • Open the Home tab > Interactions > Essay

 Then, you will see a new question slide inserted into your project as in the image below:

Essay question slide

 As you can see, an Essay question slide has three parts:

  • (1) the top text box to add a question or a description that asks learners what they have to do;
  • (2) the answer area with a multiple-line text box where learners can type their answer in;
  • (3) the Submit button.

Customize an Essay Question

 Here are some options that you can use to customize Essay questions:

  • Resize the question title (1) and the answer area (2): Drag the resizing handles or adjust the Width and Height values in the Transform section (Properties pane > Size & Properties tab) to resize them. 
Resize answer area.
  • Format the text box: Select the text box and customize its style using commands in the Format tab or Properties pane > Style & Effects tab. 
  • Style the answer: Open the Home tab to change the font, font size, etc. of the answer. Besides, you can adjust its left, right, top and bottom margins (Properties pane > Size & Properties > Text Box). 

Set Correct Answers

As mentioned above, learners are free to express their understanding to answer the question. So, it’s hard to set correct answers for it. It’s also the reason why the Survey mode is selected by default in the Score & Reporting section. This mode helps you to collect learners’ answers or feedback only. 

On the other hand, ActivePresenter 9 still allows you to set correct answers for the question if you want. To do that, you have to switch to the Graded mode. Select the answer area > navigate to the Properties pane > Interactivity > Score & Reporting > select Graded from the Mode dropdown list (4). 

Question modes of essay question

Then, take a look at the General section which is above the Score & Reporting section. Click the Add Value button (5) to display a blank box and type text into it. Do it again if you want to set more than one correct value to this question.

Add correct values

By contrast, to delete any correct values, simply click the corresponding Remove button (6).

Set Score and Reporting

To set score and reporting for Essay questions, select the answer area > navigate to the Properties pane > Interactivity > Score & Reporting.

Set score and reporting for essay question

 This section provides a lot of useful options including:

  • Mode: Select the Graded mode if you want to measure learners’ performance, or select the Survey mode if you want to collect learners’ feedback or information. 
  • Report ID: Track learners’ activities. You can edit it to a meaningful name so that you are easy to track in the report. 
  • Points: Set points for correct answers. This option is only available if you select the Graded mode. 
  • Attempts: Set the maximum attempts that learners can interact with the question. This option is also available if you select the Graded mode.
  • Timeout: Set a time limit that only allows learners to respond to the question in the given amount of time.
  • Case Sensitive: Select this option to differentiate uppercase and lowercase characters.
  • Variable: Define the variable to take place. See What is Variable for more information.

For more details about these properties, see How to Create Interactive Quizzes

Add Events and Actions

ActivePresenter 9 offers default events and actions for Essay questions. Generally, this question type has four default events for the Graded mode (On Correct, On Incorrect, On Incomplete, and On Timeout) and three for the Survey mode (On Complete, On Incomplete, and On Timeout). 

Add events - actions to essay question

You can remove, change, or add new events and actions the way you want. To do that, select the answer area > navigate to the Properties pane > Interactivity > Events – Actions.

To learn more, see Use Events – Actions to Add Interactivity to Courses.

Customize Feedback Layers

The app also automatically adds default feedback layers for Essay questions as other question types. They are Correct Feedback, Incorrect Feedback, Try Again Feedback, Incomplete Feedback, and Timeout Feedback (for the Graded mode) or Complete Feedback, Incomplete Feedback, and Timeout Feedback (for the Survey mode). Besides, note that you can delete, change, or add more if necessary. 

See Work with Feedback Layers for details.

So, you’ve learned how to create Essay questions in ActivePresenter 9. Download the app right now and then start creating fun interactive quizzes.

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