Last Updated On: March 29, 2024

Likert scale surveys are widely used in both daily life and science research. Using this type of survey is one of the most reliable ways to measure many variations such as satisfaction, frequency, quality, importance, likelihood, etc. Keep reading to know how to create a Likert scale survey with Rating Scale (Likert) questions in ActivePresenter 9.

Let’s take a look at the image below as an example. The customers are asked to rate the restaurant. There is a 5-point Likert scale survey, from very poor to excellent. Based on the feedback, the restaurant manager may make adjustments to enhance their services and increase income. 

a sample of Likert scale survey

Here are the stages to create a Likert scale survey:

  1. Insert a Rating Scale (Likert) Question
  2. Customize the Likert Scale Survey

Before diving deeper into the first stage, download the latest version of ActivePresenter here:

1. Insert a Rating Scale (Likert) Question

Rating Scale (Likert) is one of the 13 interactive questions that Active Presenter 9 offers to users. To insert a Rating Scale (Likert) question, do either of the following:

  • In the Questions tab > Rating Scale (Likert).
  • In the Home tab > Interactions > Rating Scale (Likert).
Rating scale (Likert) question in the Questions tab

After that, a new Rating Scale (Likert) question slide will appear as in the image below. As you can see, it includes the top text box (1), the answer area (2), and the Submit button (3). There are two main parts in the answer area: the statements and scale options ranging from one extreme to another, with a neutral option in the middle. 

insert a Rating scale question for the Likert scale survey

2. Customize the Likert Scale Survey

Here are some options that you can use to customize the Rating scale (Likert) questions in the survey: 

Change the Appearances

  • Add slide background: Navigate to the Properties pane > Slide Properties tab > Background Image > Select an image from your current project or your computer.
Add slide background to the Rating scale question for the Likert scale survey
  • Add question title: Enter the question title on the top text box. After that, use the inline text editor that appears or the Font section of the Home tab to style the text.
  • Customize the container layout properties: Rating Scale (Likert) questions have the Grid container layout by default. Note that it is impossible to change this default layout. You can only change the Horizontal Spacing and Vertical Spacing:
Customize the container layout properties

See Container Layouts of Questions for more details.

  • Resize the question title (1) and the answer area (2): You can resize these sections by selecting them and dragging the resizing handles. Or, select them, then go to the Properties pane > Size & Properties tab > Transform to adjust or type the value in the Width and Height combo box:
Resize the question title (1) and the answer area (2)

Add, Style Text, and Radio Buttons

  • Add more answer labels: To add more answer labels, select the answer area and click the green plus button:
Add more answer labels to the Rating scale question for the Likert scale survey
  • Delete an answer label: Select an answer label and press DELETE on your keyboard. Alternatively, you can right-click it and select Delete.
  • Edit/ Add text to answer labels/ scales: You’re free to add or edit the text. To do that, click the default text, then enter your own text. 
  • Format answer labels/ scales: Select the answer label, then open the Format tab, choose one style that you like from the Quick Styles section. Or, use tools in the Style Tools section to customize it. 
Format answer labels/ scales
  • Format radio buttons: Select the answer area, then open the Format tab, choose one style from the Radio Styles section. Or, use tools in the Radio Tools section to customize it.
Format radio buttons

Tip: To create a consistent look for your rating scale quiz, you can customize this question type in the Object Settings before adding questions from the Questions tab. See How to Work with Object Settings for more information.

Set Scales and Reporting

As said earlier, Rating Scale (Likert) questions are preferably used in survey forms. Therefore, unlike other question types in ActivePresenter, this type of question only has the Survey mode. The Graded mode is not available. That’s why it’s impossible to set correct answers and points for it. Instead, you can change the number of rating scales.

To do that, select the answer area. Then, go to the Properties pane > Interactivity > Score & Reporting. Select a number from the Rating Scale list (4) or enter a number (between 2 and 10) in the Rating Scale combo box.

Set Scales and Reporting

Besides, you can also change the default Report ID (5) and set Timeout (6) for the question.

For more details about these properties, see How to Create Interactive Quizzes

Add Events and Actions

ActivePresenter 9 offers default events and actions for Rating Scale (Likert) questions in the Likert scale survey. Generally, the question has three default events, which are On Complete, On Incomplete, and On Timeout

Add Events and Actions to the rating scale question

You can remove, change, or make events and actions as more advanced as you wish. To do that, first, select the answer area. Then, access the Properties pane > Interactivity tab > Events – Actions.

Refer to Work with Events – Actions for details.  

Customize Feedback Layers

ActivePresenter 9 automatically adds default feedback layers for Rating Scale (Likert) questions, including Complete Feedback, Incomplete Feedback, and Timeout Feedback. Note that you can delete, change, or add more feedback layers if necessary. To open feedback layers in ActivePresenter 9, in the View tab, click Feedback Master.

See Work with Feedback Layers to learn more.

Now, you’ve learned how to use Rating Scale (Likert) questions to create a Likert scale survey with ActivePresenter 9. Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance.

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