Last Updated On: March 29, 2024

When your project has many objects of the same type, you may want them to have the same animation effects or formatting style. ActivePresenter 9 allows you to style multiple objects in a flash.

The article covers two main contents:

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For Existing Objects of the Same Type

Assuming your project contains multiple slides, each comprising one or more shapes. You want all the shapes to appear and disappear with the same animation effects, such as fading in and out of the slide. Furthermore, you desire all the shapes to have a consistent look with the same fill, line, shadow, and text style. 

To animate and style multiple objects of the same type as that, do the following:

Step 1: Animate an object or format it the way you want.

Step 2: Apply the animation and style of the object to all other existing objects of the same type. To do that, right-click the object > Apply to All Objects (1). Then, you can choose to apply for the Animation, Style, or Show In Mode of the selected object.

Apply the same style for multiple objects

Another way to animate and style multiple objects in a slide is by selecting all of them, and then changing their mutual properties. This technique is useful when you want to change multiple objects of multiple types as long as they share certain properties. For example, you can select several shapes, and text captions, then apply the same line style to all of them. But you can only use this technique with objects in a single slide because it’s impossible to select objects in different slides at the same time.

ActivePresenter 9 also allows you to apply object styles from one object to others of the same or even different types using the Format Painter feature. See details at How to Apply Object Styles Using Format Painter.

Note: The Apply to All Objects option and the Format Painter feature only affect existing objects. They have nothing to do with objects that haven’t been inserted yet. 

For Newly Added Objects of the Same Type

There are two ways to set up the same style for objects before inserting them into the Canvas of ActivePresenter 9. Perform either of the following:

  • Right-click your customized object on the Canvas > Set as Default (2).
  • Access the View tab > Object Settings > Select the object type that you want to customize. Refer to this article to learn more about working with Object Settings

By doing any of the above, the new style will be applied to all the new objects of the same type in the same project. If you want to reset the default setting, you can right-click on the customized object or any newly inserted objects on the Canvas, then select Reset Default Settings (3). The change will be applied to the next added objects of the same type. 

Tip: If you create your project from scratch, you can consider using Theme Colors. Changing theme colors also helps to change all object styles consistently and quickly. 

That’s it! In practice, you often combine both the techniques above to make your project consistent. Instead of constantly inserting and styling multiple objects in turn, you can apply the selected object’s style (and animation) to all other existing objects of the same type. In addition, you can set that selected object as the default so that newly added objects share the same properties with it. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions while using the app. 

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