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Outsourcing eLearning content creation is the process of hiring a third party to create training materials. It’s a smart solution for organizations that want to develop engaging and effective eLearning content in time and within budget. 

Training content creation is a challenging and time-consuming task that demands various resources, pre-planned ideas, and competent, experienced staff to ensure the output is engaging and effective. Moreover, during the creation and operation, some problems may arise. They can be technical glitches, budget overruns, or deadline failures. In such cases, you will need a procedure to address these problems. If your organization lacks the expertise and skills to do that, outsourcing can be a solution.

outsource eLearning content creation

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Why Should You Outsource eLearning Content Creation?

Outsourcing gives you a chance to work with specialists in the eLearning field. They can help you create high-quality training content timely and cost-effectively.  


1. Access Specialized Professionals

By outsourcing your eLearning content development, you can benefit from the skills, experience, and specialization of a team of experts which seems unaffordable for businesses sometimes. These professionals have the technical knowledge and expertise to create eLearning content that meets your specific goals.

2. Improve Quality

An outsourcing vendor usually possesses all the essential and adequate elements to produce high-quality eLearning content. It has teams of experts with broad knowledge in various fields of the eLearning industry. These professionals have worked on different projects, so they have enough practical experience to avoid potential problems and solve them. Moreover, the outsourcing vendor has ready-made documents, stock media, etc. to make the output engaging and attractive.

3. Save Time 

Outsourcing eLearning content creation can save you precious time compared to an in-house team. Why? Because when you work with an outsourcing provider, you can access a team of experts with innovative skills and competencies. They are good at multitasking and handling many projects simultaneously. So they can provide the best solution in the shortest time possible.    

4. Reduce Cost

An in-house team may require a lot of labor and full-time salaries. Additionally, you have to train them, provide them with software and other resources. Besides, the time factor is also crucial. If the project takes longer, the cost will go up. But with an outsourcing agency, you only pay to develop the content when needed. It is much more economical. Furthermore, the outsourcing contract is a fixed-fee engagement. So it does not incur any extra expenses.

5. Keep up with Trends

Outsourcing providers are always aware of the latest trends and technologies in the eLearning industry. So, when you work with them, you can benefit from this expertise to keep your eLearning content up-to-date and innovative. 

6. Scale up Easily 

When using an in-house team, it’s hard to scale up content development projects as the organization wants due to limited resources. But, if you grant this task to a third-party service provider, they are able to handle it smoothly and efficiently. With diverse resources and processes, they can quickly adapt to any requirements changes and provide a flexible solution that fits your needs. 

When do You Need to Outsource Your eLearning Content Creation?

We can’t deny that outsourcing content creation brings a lot of advantages. But, it doesn’t mean that you need it all the time. Below are 6 signs indicating that you may need to collaborate with an outsourcing agency. 

  • Limited resources: Your organization’s size is small and it doesn’t have enough human and other resources. 
  • Poor quality result: The result of the in-house team doesn’t meet the eLearning standards. 
  • Infrequent training: If your organization trains staff only once or twice a year, outsourcing your training course development to a third-party service provider is ideal. 
  • Tight deadline: All staff in your organization are busy with daily tasks and the deadline is coming. 
  • Budget constraint: You are not good at managing your budget and are worried about extra expenses.  
  • Unclear idea: The in-house team has no idea about creating eLearning content and is confused about how to get started. 

However, if you don’t face any of these problems, or if you are concerned about communication issues, quality control, and security risks, outsourcing may not be the best option for you. In that case, you can use some easy-to-use eLearning tools to create your own training courses like ActivePresenter. This app lets you create interactive courses, software simulations, dialogue simulations, educational games, and more. You can visit the demo page for details. Then, when you complete projects, ActivePresenter allows you to export them to two popular standards (SCORM and xAPI) that are compatible with most Learning Management Systems (LMS).

Download ActivePresenter

If you are still confused, let’s get started by visiting the Tutorials page and YouTube channel to learn about this app. Besides, the support team is always available to assist you. 


Outsourcing eLearning content creation can bring various values to your business. It helps maximize productivity with minimum development cost. But, whether outsourcing or not may depend on your business status, training objectives, and project scope. If outsourcing, remember to select a reliable service provider. Otherwise, you can use an eLearning authoring tool like ActivePresenter and let your in-house team handle this task. 

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