Last Updated On: March 29, 2024

ActivePresenter 9 allows you to add new languages to closed captions so that you can create subtitles for videos or projects in different languages. This feature helps your content be more accessible for everyone regardless of their language. 

Add Closed Captions

To add closed captions, open the Insert tab > Closed Captions, or click the CC button on the Timeline pane. 

Click CC button in the Timeline pane

Then, a closed caption node will appear at the position of the Playhead on the Timeline pane. Simultaneously, a closed caption editor appears on the Canvas for you to type the text. 

For more details, let’s see How to Add CC to Projects.

Add Multiple Languages to Closed Captions

Add a New Language

Do the following steps to add a new language to closed captions:

Step 1: Select a CC node in the Timeline pane.

Step 2: Go to the Insert tab > click the drop-down arrow on the Closed Caption button > Multiple Languages. Or in the Properties pane > Size & Properties > General > click the Edit Language button.

Then, the Edit Language dialog appears: 

Add new languages to closed captions.

Step 3: Click the plus button (1). 

Step 4: Select a language from the drop-down list in the Add Language dialog that pops up.

Add new languages to closed captions.

Then, click OK to finish. 

Repeat these steps to add more languages as you want. 

Manage New Languages

There are some options that you can manage newly added languages:

  • Remove a language: Click the button (2).
  • Rename a language: Click the button (3).
  • Set a language as default: Click the button (4). 

Edit New Languages

To edit a new language, do as follows:

Step 1: Select a CC line in the dialog.

Step 2: Type the text of the new language in the Text field. 

Edit new languages.

In the dialog:

  • Show Original: Select this checkbox to show the Source field. 
  • Revert: Revert the new language to the original one. 
  • Add Line Break: Add the <br> tag to a text to break it into new lines.  

After that, the added text of the new language will replace the old one in the selected CC line.

Step 3: Click Close to apply. 

Enable the Closed Caption Toggle Button

Toggle button allows you to hide/show closed captions as well as switch them between multiple languages. To enable this button, open the Export tab > Player Settings. Then, in the Player Settings dialog, access the General tab > General Parameters > Toolbar > select the CC Button check box > click OK to save the changes. 

Enable toggle button.

By doing so, the CC button will appear at the bottom right corner of the player. Click it to change closed captions to another language. 

Preview CC

So, you’ve learned how to add new languages to closed captions in ActivePresenter 9. Download and try this amazing feature now. 

Download ActivePresenter

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