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Preview Projects in Saola Animate 3

Preview Projects in Saola Animate 3

When building projects in Saola Animate 3, you can always preview how your animations and interactive content look and function when they are live. Moreover, previewing is crucial because it helps notice any required change, especially when your document has a great deal of interactivity. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to preview projects in Saola Animate 3.

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Using the Effects Tab

The Effects tab contains sections: shadow, filter and clip effects. Each of them shows a great support for designing but easy to use. Learn how to use these effects to boost your design in this tutorial.

Creating a Cube with Saola Animate

In this tutorial, we will learn how to create a 3D object like a cube in Saola Animate without using a single line of code. Let’s go!

Add Audio Elements in Saola Animate 3

Let’s learn how to add and work with audio element which is an essential part when creating HTML5 documents in Saola Animate 3.

Reorder Elements in Saola Animate 3

Due to z-order, the newly-added elements are placed in front of others and may cover them partly or fully. Don’t worry, you can re-order elements with ease.

3D Transformation Guide with Saola Animate

Saola Animate provides a feature called 3D transformation to make a more realistic animation. Elements in Saola Animate are still 2D elements, but with 3D transformation properties, we can transform them in three dimensions. Learn more about this useful feature in this tutorial.

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