(Last Updated: June 26, 2012)

From version 3.0, ActivePresenter supports four fill styles for object’s background:

  • No fill: Transparent
  • Solid fill: Fill with solid color
  • Gradient fill: Fill with gradient colors
  • Image fill: Fill with specified image

This allows user creating more beautiful annotations with high customizability. In other words, user can create the software tutorial with unique style now.
One of the most interesting features is gradient fill; I usually use this when creating my tutorials. In following image are several balloon styles I’ve created using gradient fill combined with suitable line and text style color.

It’s quite simple to create these balloons, for example the first balloon with yellow gradient fill. Just insert a balloon and change its style from right-click menu.

Then choose the gradient fill and set white color for positions 0% and 100%, yellow color for position 50%. Set the gradient type is linear.

Next is choosing the line style, I choose solid line with the width is 2. The line color is darker than the yellow (in fill gradient) may have a better look, so I choose the Orange color.

The last is text style. The text color should be looked contrast to the balloon fill color (for reading easily). Here I choose Custom Text Style with Dark teal color.

Finally, I have a balloon like this:

The other balloons are done through similar steps with different fill and line colors.

ActivePresenter 3.0 provides extra capabilities to create high quality software tutorial with unique style. Combining with other features: managing style with library, changing style from library (for all objects in project), batch changing style, and default style configuration, now the authoring process is quick and easy than ever.

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