(Last Updated: August 24, 2012)

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ActivePresenter is already known as a presentation tool used to capture computer screen and export to a variety of output formats including: Ajax Simulation, Flash Simulation, Word, PowerPoint, Video, etc. However, it can do more than that. After reading this article, you will discover that ActivePresenter is a powerful tool for creating software skill testing, self-learning resources. This requires the exported output is Ajax Simulation or Flash Simulation. We will introduce you to the details of how to use ActivePresenter to create a software skill test. This process includes some main steps:

  • Capture the application which you want to create the test and edit.
  • Setting score and attempt.
  • Setting test duration and pass condition.
  • Keep track of test result on LMS (Learning Management System), on HTTP server or via email.


Capture the application and edit

This is done normally as in case of creating demonstration video or training document. In practice, the capture size is set smaller than the resolution of screen which is used for test (the popular screen resolution nowadays is 1024×768 or greater). This allows examinees to interact with test easier. But you can also choose the ratio option to export to smaller size.

The captured project includes a number of slides for steps in the test. You can add or remove slide, add guided audio, image or some text (balloon, text caption, etc) for hint. Each of them has the option call “Show in mode” allows it to display in test or not.

Setting score and attempt

Each of captured slides includes an action or number of actions in case of allowing multiple answers. It may be a mouse click, key press, or edit action. When examinee doing the test, he/she need to choose correct action to get the score (point). We can set the score for separate action (for example: high score for difficult actions). We also can set the number of attempts for an action. It is the number of times examinee can try to do correct action before the test automatically moves to next step.

Setting duration and pass condition

These settings are done while exporting to Ajax or Flash Simulation. The “Test” option in Operation Modes should be checked. The Total max time is the test duration in minute unit.

You have three options to choose for pass condition: percents of correct answers, points gained, and number of correct answers. Base on this pass condition, the test will report that examinee passed this test or failed to LMS, email or HTTP server.

Keep track of test result

ActivePresenter allows you to manage the test result of examinees on LMS using SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 standards. To enable this, you simply choose Generate SCORM package option and import the exported output to LMS. You can also manage test result via email (you can read as normal text) or using HTTP method with appropriate report format (XML, JSON, etc) conveniently for data processing at server side.

Following is some pictures show how the output works within LMS.

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